6 MISTAKES WE MAKE WITH OUR EYEBROWS | And Love Have 4 Things In Common

The eyebrows are the frame of our look and contribute to the expression of our face, so their proper care and proper hair removal should be part of your daily beauty routine. However, sometimes we tend to take care of them in the wrong way.

If you want to wear beautiful and attractive eyebrows, avoid these six mistakes we make with our eyebrows :

6. Shave too much

While it is good to keep your eyebrows neat, it is not convenient to shave them excessively. It is best to use the eyebrow tweezers to shape once every three weeks. In this way, the hair has time to grow evenly so that your eyebrows are uniform. Too shaved eyebrows fail to frame the face very well, and although thick eyebrows are still a trend, your face should show off your healthy but neat and shaped eyebrows.

5. Take a lot to the sides

We all want to avoid the odious uniceja, and some women tend to overdo it with the space between their eyebrows. Keep in mind that the larger the area between the eyebrow, your nose will look bigger and your eyes more apart. That is why you should make the beginning of your eyebrows aligned with the bridge of the nose. Also, do not remove the outside of the eyebrow too much, look for a balance so that your face looks good.

4. Make a bow too steep

Sometimes we go through hair removal and end up with a bow also pronounced that does not suit the face. It would be best if you considered how your formal natural arc is. For that, look at the highest point of the eyebrow and use the tweezers to form the arch.

3. Forget the top

While using the clip under the eyebrows helps create a beautiful bow, you should not neglect the top. If you want to wear neat and attractive eyebrows, keep the top of the eyebrows free of hair.

2. Wax with wax after applying retinoid cream

The anti-age creams with retinoids help boost collagen and accelerate cell renewal. However, they can be bad for the skin if you remove your eyebrows after applying this type of cream. This is because retinoids contribute to the skin becoming fragile and sensitive, and the wax can end up damaging the skin. Therefore, if you use this type of cream, it is better to avoid wax and use only the eyebrow tweezers.

1. Always use the same tweezers

Sometimes we tend to forget that eyebrow tweezers require proper cleaning and also need to be renewed every so often. Please do not use the tweezers directly after removing them from your makeup bag. It would help if you cleaned them with isopropyl alcohol after each use to prevent bacteria from accumulating.

The eyebrow brush is a great tool to give them a defined look. Use a brush in a lighter shade than the color of your eyebrows so that it does not look artificial and applies smoothly. If you have more questions about how to shave your eyebrows or want to fix them and you do not know how convenient it is to visit a professional to get them to give them the best possible way. know more 5 Natural Remedies To Make Eyebrows Grow.

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