8 Tips and tricks on how to take care of your skin


To look beautiful, radiant and, above all, healthy skin, it is essential to know how to take care of the skin. Remember that it is the most extensive organ of the body; it protects us from external aggressions and the loss of internal water. 

Having a good treatment routine and daily skincare can delay signs of aging, such as wrinkles or prevent problems such as acne, burns or blemishes. For this, you have to take into account specific care regardless of the nature or type of skin you have. The key to maintaining a healthy appearance, in addition to leading a healthy life, is to follow primary care daily. 

To carry out a hydrating treatment is not necessary a high cost in products. Many times we think that the most expensive products will be better or will work miracles with our skin, but some homemade tricks do the same function. Take paper and pen and write the following 12 skincare tips to keep it healthy and hydrated economically and adequately.

How to take care of the skin with homemade tricks?

1. Aloe Vera Cleanser

In your beauty routine, you can not miss a previous treatment. The aloe vera is essential for it because it contains nourishing properties for the skin. An economical, effective way is to get an aloe vera plant. As simple as letting the plant mature and cut a leaf, in this way you can get the aloe that it contains inside and apply it on your face or body. 

Barley contains a lot of properties to take care of the skin and improve its appearance: astringent, moisturizing, regenerating, renewing, rejuvenating, antibacterial … There are many benefits that it offers in addition to a deep skin cleansing.

2. Natural barley cleaner

Barley is known to everyone as the main ingredient in beer. But there are many benefits and essential natural properties to keep your skin taken care of. The grain contains a great source of B vitamins; regulating cholesterol is even necessary to combat depression and anxiety. 

One of the homemade tricks for skincare is to make your natural cleanser at home. It’s as simple as boiling a liter of water and pouring a handful of barley. When it is boiling, remove and add oil and three drops of lemon. This way, you can apply this cleanser to exfoliate your skin naturally.

3. Honey Neck Scrub

Another trick that answers the question of how to take care of the skin is to create your homemade honey-based scrub. Honey has astringent, moisturizing and healing properties. In addition to being beneficial for the surface, it relieves cough, improves memory, is an excellent source of energy and even solves scalp and dandruff problems. In short, a lot of benefits for the human being. 

To make your homemade scrub, it’s as easy as mixing three tablespoons of honey, two ground almonds and half a tablespoon of lemon juice. This recipe will have an exfoliating effect that will be essential to remove and clean your dead skin complexion.

4. Banana Mask

Another home remedy for a perfect complexion is banana. This fruit contains beneficial properties such as Vitamins A, C, B1, B2, are rich in fibre and best of all, combat the appearance of wrinkles. This food is also ideal for reducing skin infections, restoring the skin and giving it a unique softness. It is also perfect for reducing eye bags and due to its high potassium content, acne decreases.

Making a banana mask yourself is ideal for maintaining complete daily skincare. It is as simple as crushing a ripe banana, add half a tablespoon of lemon and a half of honey. Mix until obtaining a homogeneous mass and apply on the face for 15 minutes. You will notice instant hydration in your skin.

5. Care for dry skin

If your skin type is dry, you should take special care and know-how to take care of the skin more carefully. The characteristics of this type of surface are opaque and rough. This type of skin tends to wrinkle more, so this type of surface is the one that needs more care. Constant hydration is ideal for the daily care of dry skin, that is to say using moisturizers with a high nutritional component such as water or aloe vera, for example, both day and night.

6. Tricks for oily skin

Having excess oily skin is not a good sign since you need special care. A bright complexion, with open pores and having the appearance that the skin does not receive proper cleaning is annoying to many people. 

The solution is simple, but like all treatments, it must be continuously done. Cleaning is essential and should be done several times a day, especially in the morning and at night, to remove all kinds of impurities that accumulate throughout the day, even when you sleep. There are cleansers and facial scrubs that although moisturizing has a light coverage ideal for this type of skin.

7. Tips for mixed skin

As the name implies, in this type of surface, we can find fatty areas, such as the T zone, and dry areas such as the outer areas of the Face. The best remedy to take care of this type of complexion is to use cleansers in gel or milk texture, specific for mixed skin, since it does not dry out or grease as much as those specific for oily and dry skin.

8. Sensitive skin type

This type of skin is more delicate than other brands. It is easily irritating and prone to allergic reactions by cosmetics or perfumes. Atmospheric and climatic changes and unsuitable cosmetics can irritate so it is essential to maintain good daily and constant skincare and, above all, use sun protection products. 

To all this, we must add that to maintain healthy skin, maintaining a healthy life, such as exercising or eating a balanced diet, is a critical factor for this. Knowing how to take care of the skin is very simple, as we have seen we can say that each type of surface must be taken care of in an appropriate way, the cleaning of the Face should be done twice a day, both in the morning and at night and regularly exfoliate the Face during the week. With the right type of treatment, whether homemade or not, for every kind of skin and the appropriate form of use is enough to show off a perfect complexion.

Extra 7 Skin Care Tips gift for you.

As we have seen, there are several home remedies for daily skincare, but whether you are more of chemicals or natural treatments, there are some tips that will help you maintain the perfect complexion.

  • It is essential to clean your skin. After so many hours of dust, pollution, makeup and dirt on your skin, your skin should be oxygenated.
  • After each cleaning, applying a lotion is ideal for the complexion. In this way, the tissues will be repaired overnight.
  • At the beginning of the day, it is necessary to clean your Face again to remove the toxins and fats that the skin produces while we sleep, although this time and depending on the type of skin, with a little soap and water is enough.
  • Protect yourself from the sun. The adverse effects of the sun make your skin look aged and favours the appearance of prime spots. Whatever the season of the year, this action is essential.
  • Tobacco, pollution or even stress, believe it or not, also affects your skin. If your question is how to take care of the skin in these cases, it is straightforward: a cleaning before bed is essential for this.
  • Other areas of the skin that are not the Face such as heels, elbows, hands, it is also essential to have them well hydrated since they are par excellence more dry areas and tend to darken and harden. For these cases, there are specialized creams with high water content.
  • So that any facial cleansing procedure is useful, it is advisable to choose a lotion that does not have too many aggregates, since some components could cause the skin to lose lipids and water and dry out.

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