9 Best Anti-Aging Meals for Healthy and Smart Ages

As we know, people are getting older, and with age, the body system will fail. Many symptoms are as tired as vision loss, slowed thinking, bad memories and more. To prolong or avoid this bad experience, we need to do something in our youth when we develop good eating habits and practices.  Here you will find more information about useful and readily available foods that contribute significantly to reducing the percentage of memory syndrome in the elderly.

1. couch

The bed is an excellent antioxidant that can slowly and weakly damage the central nervous system. The richness of Vitamin C and Vitamin E spinach are sources of antioxidants that are effective in this particular case.

2. Salmon

Some treatment studies show that people with salmon or sardines once a week, the percentage of dementia among seniors is much lower than people who rarely eat fish. By eating fish, it helps to keep the brain cells more active and increase learning and memory.

3. Grape juice or red wine

Grape juice affects longevity. Proper use of red wine has the same effect, but consuming excess doses can cripple our nervous system. Then you should drink it moderately. Grapefruit juice or wine has a substantial antioxidant content, which is much more than fruits and vegetables, softening and enhancing our nervous system’s transmission capacity. Regardless of the way it assists in the fight against aging, it helps to have better memory capacity in short memory.

4. Hot chocolate

It is also perfect for the brain. Chocolate powder two tablespoons antioxidant is twice the concentration of red wine and three to four times higher than green tea antioxidants. So, drinking hot chocolate often helps to keep the brain cells healthy and prevent neurological problems.

5. Whole grain and brown rice products

Whole grains and brown rice are the best diet sauces to help our bodies absorb food better. Brown Rice itself already contains many types of vitamins and minerals that help our brain to learn and to have memory.

6. Nuts and nuts

Most nuts and nuts are used as decoration for the cake. These are not only delicious but also very good in antioxidants. They have vibrant omega-3 fatty acids that are effective for our brains. According to the Chinese proverb, nuts are suitable for the brain.

7. Olive oil

It contains a lot of unsaturated fatty acids, which prevents hardening of the arteries. So it is best to use olive oil for cooking.

8. Garlic

The food in our brain comes from glucose, so that glucose is fully active, an adequate amount of vitamin B1 is required. Garlic is not rich in vitamin B1, but it can improve the ability of vitamin B1. Garlic anime has the powerful effect of transforming the correct glucose and therefore has enough food in our brain.

9. Blue Berry

Wild blueberries contain an extremely high antioxidant that can clear body dirt. Continuous consumption of wild blueberries contributes significantly to the regeneration of brain cells, improves memory, reduces symptoms of hypertension, and reduces the percentage of strokes.

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