Beat Saber Weight Loss Quest 6 month summary

beat saber weight loss

A few months ago, I announced that I would be using Beat Saber as my weight loss exercise program. I’m 52, I wouldn’t say I like the gym, and I’ve never been able to do an exercise regimen at home. Also, I wouldn’t say I like weight-loss diets, I always want to eat what I want because I’ve reduced my portion sizes a little.

Here is the summary of the six months:

I lost 22 pounds this morning.

When I started, I played about 10 hours a week, and now I play about 4 to 6 hours a week.

I won’t hit my 40-pound goal in a year, but that’s okay. If I can lose 30 pounds, it’s still the least I’ve weighed in 15 years.

I’m feeling better now. I have more energy, and I sleep better and simple things like stairs don’t affect me as much as they used to.

Your fit is a little optimistic about its calorie count, which is generally higher than the fit I am using.

Mi parte favorita es que hace 6 meses creo que recuerdo haber dicho que me encantaría completear un mapa de experto en OST … eso ya está hecho … ahora estoy en una rutina de rango, estoy en 8600 más o menos ahora, con el objetivo de llegar al top 5000th day. While I’m nearing my limit, I’m pretty sure I can finish cards at 300 pages per minute, some of them just have note positions that don’t match my flexibility with aging and my ability to just see what the hell is going on .

I hope other seniors will see this and realize how fun it is to exercise, especially now with all the limitations we face in our daily lives.

When you are younger, you play a little more than expected every day. Now practice good exercise habits. It’s harder to do as you get older. Among other commitments and just being older and trying to lose weight, I wish I had done something a long time ago.

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