Best moisturizers for oily skin [Summer]

Many factors influence their development; among them are genetic inheritance, age, hormones, an inadequate diet, and stress. Here are our recommendations to keep this type of skin at bay. 15 Best moisturizers for oily skin for Summer.

It is one of the most feared. It leads to enlarged pores, an excessively shiny and oily-looking complexion, and the presence of inflammatory lesions and black spots. It is oily skin. Although, after adolescence, this type of surface also has its good things. It protects from wrinkles in the future and provides an eternal adolescent face. Of course, it requires special care, and from time to time, it may leave the occasional acne outbreak. Therefore, it requires specific products to attenuate and control it.

“The skin has a greasy appearance, especially on the nose, forehead, cheeks, and upper thoracic region,” explains Blanca Sayol, Avène pharmacist, and Product Manager. There are people more prone than others, and there are factors that influence their development, among them are genetic inheritance, age, hormones, the use of certain medications, an inadequate diet, the weather, stress, or improper care.

Oily skin needs a cleaning and care routine with products that have been specially formulated to address your particular needs and do not have fatty ingredients that clog pores. “It is recommended to perform morning and night cleaning with specific products for oily and acne-prone skin. Depending on whether you prefer rinsing, a cleaning gel or rinsing micellar water would be recommended. If possible without soap, not aggressive and well-tolerated, “Sayol advises.

After cleaning, the expert recommends applying moisturizing care morning and night “so that it provides water and no fat, and treats blemishes. These cares must be oil-free, oil free”. And finally, the skin can be purified and nuanced with an exfoliating and scaling mask once or twice a week.

When buying cosmetics for this type of skin, they mustn’t add more fat. Sayol is committed to using care that incorporates antiseborrheic, keratolytic, anti-inflammatory, and active ingredients “that stimulate cell renewal to prevent acne lesions from leaving residual marks.”

Now, with the arrival of good weather, special care must be taken with the sunscreen used and avoid containing oils in its formula. As Sayol warns, “the sun is a false friend, it seems that it eliminates the pimples, but it is just the opposite and can cause a new acne outbreak after the summer. Also, recent acne scars when exposed to the sun leave some residual marks that may persist for some time. “

Before choosing a cream, you have to make sure that this is your skin type because otherwise, you could accentuate the oiliness of the face. Here is our selection to take care of yourself and keep your skin in perfect condition

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