Do you know how to apply your makeup base correctly?

Discover how to apply your makeup and make it look fabulous all the time. Do you know how to use your makeup base? Do you know how to apply your makeup base?

If you want your makeup to look perfect at all times and you still have not achieved it, maybe you are not applying it correctly. So please read on, because when we tell you the step by step to see impact once and for all.

1. Prepare the skin

Remember that your skin is the canvas on which you are going to paint, so it is essential that it is smooth and one hundred percent prepared. So, do not forget that step one of your routine is to make the skin, that is, apply the appropriate products such as a serum, cream, and sunscreen, so that the largest organ of your body is super moisturized and full of light.

2. Apply in the center of the face

Place a little product on the back of the hand, simulating the size of a peanut, to be exact. Then apply in the center of the face, either on the forehead or nose and spread towards the ends. Add more makeup if you consider it necessary.

3. Use the appropriate brushes

To apply use a flat brush for makeup. Once the product is distributed, blur with a fiber optic brush to remove lines and get the base to fuse with the skin.

4. Seal

Do not forget that the final step and probably the most important is to seal the makeup. How to achieve it? All you need is a little translucent powder. Use a tassel or a special brush to apply the product. Blur so that there is no excess and the skin does not look white.

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