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Makeup for Small Eyes: The most common solution I face as a makeup artist is to make my customers’ eyes look bigger and brighter, more awake, and elongated. I know this is a common problem for most women, so I thought showing them how to do small eye makeup would be a great way to start my makeup patch series and give you some to reveal my secrets. Which I usually use to make my eyes bigger.

I will give you my little eye makeup tips, cover the makeup that looks great when you have this eye shape, and follow the steps you need to take when applying makeup to your little eyes.

Knowing that you want to look good at all times, I’ll show you my tips on how to enlarge your eyes for a casual look during the day and a party look at night. So be careful with the steps of eyeliner for small eyes.

We have a lot to do, so let’s get started. Pay close attention, and you will soon master my best makeup tips for small eyes and learn how to make your eyes big and stand out.

Makeup tips for small eyes

The eyes can be the windows of the soul, but the eyebrows are their frames, and they are so crucial for the illusion of making your eyes appear larger. Make sure your eyebrows are well-groomed and cut and shape them nicely depending on the shape of your face.

If you have small eyes, they must be neither too thick nor too thin in order not to attract the attention of the eyes. In any case, the eyebrows should be slightly longer at the outer corners. Therefore, fill them with a pencil or eyebrow gel to achieve the desired effect. Once you elongate the shape of your eyes, it’s okay to make them look bigger.

Also, make sure you don’t have loose hair around your forehead shape as it will stand out when you apply lighter eyeshadow to the arch of the eyebrow and get your eyes’ attention.

Color correction colors

One thing you should always avoid is swelling or dark circles around the eyes. If the area around your eyes looks swollen, your eyes are sunken and even smaller. Also, the dark shades around your eyes have the same negative effect. So you need to learn the art of dark ring camouflage by using a concealer under the eyes to mask blemishes and make your eyes look fully awake.

If the forehead bones protrude too far and the eyelids are too small, you are probably facing one of the most common problems for little eyes – the eyeshadows wrinkle and color in the crease. This is perhaps one of the reasons why you think you can never wear eyeliner because you have small eyes.

Fortunately, there is something you can do to prevent this annoying thing from happening again. If you use an eye base, your makeup will last longer with no wrinkles, stains, or transfer to your eyebrows.

I have reduced the central potions that you can use in a previous article so that you can use my list to find something that is within your budget. If you’re not too keen on spending well and want to use something you already have in your kit, apply a MAC paint pot in a neutral shade to the entire eyelid, from the eyelashes to the eyebrows. This will keep your eyeshadows attached to the base and make them more intense.

Eye makeup small eyes

If you follow the steps above, you will immediately notice an improvement in your small eye makeup and create the illusion of larger, broader, and more attentive eyes. Without the right contrast and shade, you can’t enlarge your little eyes.

Apply lighter eye shadows

If you have small eyes, the most critical piece of advice for makeup is to forego dark shades and stick to increasingly lighter eye shadows. That said, applying standard makeup with 1/3 lighter color on the inside corners and 2/3 darker color all over the cap doesn’t apply to you.

I recommend that you apply the lightest shade of your choice to the entire cap. Bright, pearlescent, or neutral tones are best for small eyes. Depending on the mood and tone of your skin, as well as the color of your eyes, you have a variety of eye shadows that improve your complexion and make your eyes the center of attention.

All that glitters is gold.

While neutral and matte eyeshadows are ideal for small eyes, eyeshadows with a little shine are an even better option. Matt, pearlescent, or metallic eyeshadows capture light and make your little eyes bigger and brighter.

If you don’t want to use a glossy eyeshadow for the entire eyelid, place it on the inner corners of the eye, in the middle of the eyelid, just above the pupil and on the forehead, just below the arch of the eyebrows. It draws light into your eyes and makes them stand out more.

Enlarge your little eyes

One of the best makeup products for small eyes is a neutral beige eyeliner, which you can use to line the inside edges of your eyes and make them look bigger and stand out. You can still use a white pencil, but I think it looks more natural and therefore more believable if you use a beige pencil.

Also, nobody has entirely white eyeballs, so the beige pencil would counteract broken capillaries and eyes injected with camouflage caused by sleep deprivation or the night parties he attended.

I’m not against white eyeliner, and it seems more suitable for a glamorous party look or a look inspired by makeup from the 60s than during the day. You have a choice!

Apply darker shades to the outside corner.

For a daytime look, it’s best to shade the outer corner of your eye with a thin line to make your eyes bigger and lighter. If you want to use an eyeliner, avoid bypassing the entire range of eyelashes and gently move the color back and forth between the eyelashes. Draw a wing at the outer corner of the eye and mix it gently for a smoother look. This lengthens the eyes and makes them more beautiful and defined.

Mask for small eyes

No makeup for small eyes is complete without mascara, and of course, I have some suggestions if you want your eyes to look bigger. Use eyelash curlers first before finishing your day look with mascara.

Once you’ve curled up your lashes, start at the base of your lashes and move the mascara wand towards the tips. The trick to avoiding bumpy eyelashes is to apply the second layer before the first layer dries. In this way, there are no lumps or flakes.

For small eyes, I recommend concentrating the mask on the middle and outer corner of the eye to lengthen and enlarge the little eyes. You need to wear two layers: a lengthening mask first and a full mask over it to make your lashes stand out.

Use false eyelashes

Wear fake eyelashes for a party look, so your eyes are more prominent and look like dolls. Different strips of false eyelashes can create different looks. So choose the one that suits you best. I recommend that you only apply false eyelashes to the outer corner of your eye so that your little eyes appear more prominent.

Small eyeliner
After we’ve put together the best makeup tips for small eyes that can help you get a perfect look during the day, it’s time to look at more advanced makeup techniques that you can master if you think so Follow suggestions.

The blue eyeliner makes your eyes shine.

Another great makeup tip that you can use to highlight your eyes is to work with a blue eyeliner around the top lash line. It also corrects the color of the redness in your eyes and makes you more alert. However, I recommend this technique to women with brown eyes because the blue eyeliner suits them best and only in a beautiful and subtle line that can be easily blurred with a brush.

Avoid using Kohl Eyeliner.

You should now have discovered that lining the inside edges or lower lash line with black cabbage eyeliner poses a makeup risk for small eyes. The outline of your eyes with a black cabbage lining makes your eyes smaller. Therefore, only use the eyeliner on the upper lash line.

Avoid thick lines of the eyeliner.

If your eyelids are small, the worst mistake you can make is to draw a thick, solid line with your eyeliner. I know that drawing delicate, delicate wing contours is not easy, but if you want your little eyes to look bigger, you have to master them.

You want to get as close as possible to the eyelash line and bypass the outer corners of your eyes to expand the range into a perfect wing. If you master the technique and can achieve symmetry in both eyes, try to turn the side away from the natural shape of the eye and at the top of the line.

Cat-eye makeup for small eyes

Another great party looks for women with small eyes is cat eye makeup, a look that lengthens and draws attention to them. To achieve this look, spread the winged eyeliner further and mix a dark brown shade on the outer wing, blending it with the lighter shade you used throughout the cap.

It is the best makeup for small eyes because it creates depth and makes the eyes look bigger, even when you wear dark tones like dark navy or black. I haven’t been able to create a cat eye makeup tutorial for small eyes yet, but until I’ve found the perfect model for this job, you should check out my cat eye makeup tutorial for the new year.

Crease cut makeup for small eyes.

In my opinion, cut crease makeup was invented for all women who want to enlarge their eyes. This popular European makeup technique uses a lighter eyeshadow all over the eyelid and a smooth coating not only on the top lash line but also over the crease of the eye to create different volumes for the shape of the eye.

With this technique, you can lengthen your eyes by drawing a line parallel to that of the eyeliner, or you can make your eyes rounder like wrists by slightly bending the line over the crease. It’s a great look for small eyes as well as for hooded eyes and almond-shaped eyes, and I promise I’ll make a video soon.

Still, I hope you found these little eye makeup tips useful and will try them out, whether for the day or a party. There is a lot of makeup for the small eye secrets that I like to share with you in my videos. To subscribe to my channel and don’t miss any tutorials.


Enlarge your little eyes One of the best makeup products for small eyes is a neutral beige eyeliner, which you can use to line the inside edges of your eyes and make them look bigger and stand out.

Mask for small eyes No makeup for small eyes is complete without mascara, and of course, I have some suggestions if you want your eyes to look bigger.

Cat-eye makeup for small eyes Another great party looks for women with small eyes is cat eye makeup, a look that lengthens and draws attention to them. Read more 6 MISTAKES WE MAKE WITH OUR EYEBROWS|

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