The answer is simple: if you do not lose weight, eat as many calories as you burn. To lose, you need to find a way to eat less or spend more energy. If you are serious about losing weight, you should analyze precisely what you eat every day. If you’ve read Part I, now keep a food diary to know when you eat, what you eat, where you eat, and why you eat. Let’s discuss some details now …

* Can I have breakfast better?

What do you have in the morning? Just a cup of coffee? A muffin or a donut? (too high in fat calories). Bacon, eggs, and toast for a good start? Whoa! None of this is the best idea if your goal is to lose weight. For an excellent start to the day, it is advisable to consume complex and healthy carbohydrates, a small amount of protein and a little fat, so that you feel dizzy until just before lunch.

If you do not have the time, there are excellent bars for breakfast or even canned drinks that give you what you need without having to cook before running. One of my favorite breakfasts is to grill an English muffin and then beat a piece of cheese between the slices while walking. During my commute, I enjoy a crispy sandwich with processed cheese, which took less than a minute to prepare! It gives me complex carbohydrates, protein, and some cheese fat and makes me feel full until late in the morning.

* Do I have time to exercise?

Exercise is an essential part of a healthy weight loss routine. If your excuse is that you can not adapt to your day, think about what you can change for 30 minutes. Can you get up 30 minutes before going for a walk? Give up a half-hour sitcom that you watch at night (or put the TV in front of a treadmill or exercise bike and do both)? Delegate a 30-minute assignment to another person in the house and take a walk while Suzie (or Sam) does the dishes? If you’re trying to lose weight, you must find the time of day to get used to MOVEMENT.

If there is no place where your schedule could change, try to integrate the activity into your day: climb the stairs instead of the elevator if you have the option to park you are further away when you go somewhere. Go instead of driving if it is less than 5 km away. Look for ways to move and seize them! The goal is to burn more calories to cause weight loss.

* Aremy snack options smart?

You probably know that eating five or six small meals a day is a high diet to maintain a healthy weight. Snacks can provide valuable nutrients that we can not get in three meals. But what do you choose for lunch? Latest News: Vending machines and gas stations usually do not have good options! Look for multiple sources of carbohydrates, eg.

A cereal bar (Nutrigrain, Nature Valley, and Quaker are excellent). Check the label on the “energy-bars” for bodybuilders who may contain more than 250 calories! (In my opinion, it’s like eating a bar of chocolate). You want to find a snack with less than 200 calories if you are trying to lose weight. Another great option is a pack of cheese and peanut butter biscuits that can be found in some vending machines: a source of complex carbohydrates, proteins, and a little fat that will fill you up to the next meal and will (as a rule) be 180 calories come.

Even better options: a cheese chain, a box of yogurt, or a fruit, which is an excellent source of nutrients. You are not really hungry, but you just want something? Try a cup of tea. No calories, but you can choose from hundreds of flavors to satisfy your taste buds.

* Do I make contact with elegant dining rooms?

Here is a tip: Go out with other people who are trying to eat wisely! Mix with colleagues with whom you can have lunch, look for a place to order soup and salad, and not with friends who say, “Let’s see this new buffet” or “Let’s pizza-eating.” Admire colleagues who bring fresh fruit and vegetables to their garden No office mates bringing you just boiled biscuits and brownies!

* Do I see a real benefit in losing weight?

Well, that’s the root of the problem for some people. Take time to think about the importance of losing weight. If it’s not a priority, if there’s something in the back of your mind that’s “nice,” then it’s likely that it will not happen. My clients take the time to make a list of five reasons why they want to lose weight and then analyze the personal reasons to see how important they are. Of course, you want to see yourself better, but are you looking so bad now? If the answer is, “I look good and already have a nice wardrobe.” Is there nothing that forces you to run around on the plate of sweets that is at the desk every day. Is not it? Think about how losing weight could change your life. Then you are motivated to change.

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