Five easy ways to actively participate in your health and wellbeing

Health has always been a passion for me. Since I have a memory, I am aware of my health in different ways. After high school, I became a nurse for the same reason. My biggest surprise after becoming a nurse was that I did not work in the health sector. It was the sick field. In all areas where I have worked, I have experienced illness treatment rather than wellness.

Everyone worries about you after realizing that you are sick. Health education is more about early detection than prevention. The exciting thing is that public health and wellbeing are ubiquitous. You do not have to look far to find information on how to live healthier lives. Do you play an active role in your health and wellbeing, or do you want to discover something and try to treat it before it kills you?

All the articles on health and wellbeing that I have read seem to have the same theme: Modest changes can lead to significant improvements in health. The truth is that people do not want to listen.

Recently, a man told me about the pain he feels when eating high-fat foods. He said he started to bother him. When I asked him if he was in shock when he ate healthier foods with less fat, he answered without hesitation, “No, so I’m not in pain.” He believed he needed a doctor to solve this problem. It’s evident to me. Stop eating bad food, and eat healthier foods. When I suggested this, he said to me, “I’ve never been a guy who had to see what I’m eating, and I do not want to start now.”

This is a great example of how you can not control your health. He knew what hurt him. The culprit was a poor high fat diet. But he had no intention of changing that. In thought, you need a doctor to fix the problem.

Here are five healthy habits that are very easy to use to improve your wellbeing. Remember, it takes about thirty days for a pattern to develop. Stay a month, and you will be surprised by the best feeling.

1- Drink at least eight glasses of water a day.

Five easy ways to actively participate in your health and wellbeing

Your body needs water to hydrate the cells and eliminate toxins. Many everyday ailments such as lack of energy, headaches, and constipation improve considerably if you only increase your water intake. Remember, I did not say your fluid intake. Coffee and soft drinks have no nutritional value and do not provide moisture. Only increase your water consumption.

2- Eat at least one fresh fruit and vegetables per day.

Five easy ways to actively participate in your health and wellbeing

You probably think I lost it because every other resource says you need 5 to 10 fruits and vegetables per day. The key to this point is cool. You get the most nutrients from fresh fruits and vegetables. Eat 5-10 a day, but make sure you have at least one of each clean.

3- Move.

How many times have you heard this? If you can not stop watching your favorite TV shows at night, turn them on and do it. If you have children, you can play a game, go out the best, get some fresh air, and do some sports. You will experience immediate effects if you use this routine daily.

4- Get more sun.

Sunlight provides us with vitamin D. This vitamin is essential for strengthening the bones and your immune system. The best part is that he is free to take the sun. Get at least 15 to 60 minutes a day. It’s the perfect time to exercise!

5- Sleep well.

If you honestly agree with the first four points, you will most likely want to sleep at a higher level because you will sleep better! If you are deceived into sleeping, you can lead a busy and healthy life.  

Here are some straightforward steps you can take to improve your wellbeing. Join these activities for a month, and you’ll be surprised how your life has improved. If you want to know how to get to an even more dynamic state, read the link in the resource box for more information.

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