How To Get A Full Body Workout At Home

Not everyone can afford these high gym fees, and that shouldn’t stop them from enjoying the benefits of a full workout. It is possible to get a full-body workout at home only with the items that can be found in almost all households. The venerable Jack La Lane has been doing this for years. Try teaching us how to use what we need to get our body back in shape.

The body itself is one of the tools you will use in this whole body workout. Stay at home, mothers and others will appreciate losing weight, toning and toning the body. After a few weeks, you will be amazed at the effectiveness of this program.

Will need

  • A big towel
  • Two small towels
  • Big books
  • 3/1 gallon milk jug

These are the only training devices you need for your own body.

Step 1
Fill the jugs with water. Just fill in one half and the other two above. The full jars weigh about 8 pounds, and the half jug is four pounds. Make sure that the books you choose are thick, hardcovers and that the cover is not slippery.

Step 2
It would help if you warmed up your muscles with some stretches, and you can also do what is called a runner or burpee. This exercise is done standing up. Now bend your waist and hit the floor. Cross your legs behind you to be in the flank position. It should appear that you are starting to climb. Now quickly raise one foot and take turns. They seem to be running instead. Do ten repetitions. Return to the standing position. Put your hands on your waist and then raise them over your head as if you are pointing at a good target. Repeat this routine five times. This is considered your first sentence. You will do three sets with one-minute rest between sets.

Step 3
You squat for the legs. Collect one of the jugs. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and hold the pot close to your chest and slowly lower your body into a crouching position. At the same time, slowly push the jug in front of you and stretch your arms out. This is done in three sets of twelve and one minute between each set to rest.

Step 4
Take a full jug standing, legs open. You now enter a slot by placing the jug on the outer hip. Then go to the opposite side while carrying the pot so that it rests on the other hip. Repeat the movement for 12 repetitions, rest and repeat for a total of 3 sets of 12. You can also do the sudden shifts in one go with a controlled movement to change the entire jug from side to side. Other.

Step 5
Here you do bodywork to get into the push-up position. Follow the next steps, press up, go left, and return right. Press again and step down into the location of the yoga dog. Repeat this process 6-8 times per part for five parts.

Step 6
For the last part of the routine, you need a slippery surface. Use the large towel to thread the handle into a full glass. Lift the glass to rest on the top of your back and drill holes with the ends of the sheet. Both ends should be on one shoulder and held in front of you. Now use a kind of ice skate for you with the small towel and switch legs and push yourself into the room without lifting your feet off the sheets.

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