Oily skin is a common problem that many women go through. That is why they are always looking for homemade beauty tips for oily skin. Many women feel a shine on their faces, which leads to the melting of their make-up. The problem of oily skin has occurred more than ever since each of us has been racing against time to achieve the impossible, which has resulted in sleepless nights and less nutritious foods. To protect yourself from stress, the skin begins to produce oils. If you are one of these, this article will help you by posting some great natural beauty tips for your oily face.

Disadvantages of oily skin

People with oily skin always feel greasy on the face and immediately after taking a shower their face begins to look greasy and dirty. Oily skin captures dirt and dust very quickly and melts the make-up very quickly. Women with oily skin have to put on their make-up several times a day. The dirt particles adhering to the skin cause acne and other skin problems. If you also have an oily skin/face problem, these natural beauty tips will help you take better care of your oily skin. Read on for skin tips for oily skin / homemade beauty tips for oily face / natural beauty tips for oily skin.


If you’ve followed the right beauty tips, you’ve followed all of the precautions to avoid oil production, and yet you have oily and shiny skin, and it’s your genetics that you should blame. If oily skin is in the genes, every family member may have oily skin. Every family member is at risk of having larger sebum glands that produce excess oil. Nevertheless, these natural beauty tips for oily skin help with skincare for oily skin. Read on for homemade beauty tips with an oily face.

Use of excess skincare products

Desiring to have perfectly radiant skin, many women clean, exfoliate and rub too much. This creates too much pressure on the pores and leads to oily skin. So the simple beauty tips are not to use excess skincare products.

Season change

In summer and the rainy season, there is moisture in the atmosphere. In winter, the skin dries out, becomes dehydrated and produces an excess of oil to compensate for the moisture. For this reason, you should make sure that your skin stays hydrated with moisturizers.


Hormonal balance medication can cause excessive fat production through the skin. Besides, certain medications can dehydrate the skin and increase the production of oil on the skin to compensate for moisture.

Use of wrong products

When women use products that are not suitable for them, the skin begins to produce an excess of oil. For example, if a person has combination skin and starts using a moisturizer or oily skin cleanser, their skin becomes very oil-free. The beauty advice for this is to try to use natural/homemade beauty tips and not opt ​​for these products.

Homemade beauty tips for oily skin

Caring for oily skin takes a lot of time and patience. To close the large pores and avoid an oily appearance, you still have to walk a few kilometers. Here are some natural and homemade beauty tips to help you fight oil that doesn’t knock on the door of your beautician every two weeks. These tips can be followed conveniently from home.


Homemade beauty tip No. 1 for oily skin: cleaning is the first step to clean the skin and remove excess oil. It is always advisable to wash your face at least twice a day, and it is essential for people with oily skin. Make it a habit to wash your face once in the morning and once before bed. An excess of oil on the face causes additional dirt to adhere to the skin. Washing your face twice a day reduces the risk of acne from dust particles. But don’t wash your face too much. Limit yourself to only twice a day, as washing can remove the oil and worsen the condition.

Remove makeup

Homemade beauty tip no. 2 for oily skin: Even if you are not used to applying make-up every day, always remember to remove it. Use a good cleanser to remove the makeup and wash your face before bed. Use a cleansing cream and facial cleanser specifically for oily skin. Try a facial cleanser that contains salicylic acid.

Cream for acne

Homemade beauty tip no 3 for oily skin: As soon as your face is clean, you should apply an astringent. If you use a non-alcoholic astringent, it should not be used more than once a day. These astringents can dry out your skin. After consulting your dermatologist, apply an acne cream once or twice a day.


Homemade beauty tip no. 4 for oily skin: It is essential to supply the skin with moisture. However, when buying a moisturizer, be careful not to choose the wrong one. Always pay attention to moisturizers that have been specially developed for oily skin. Using a moisturizer depends on how dry your skin is. If you feel your skin is dry after cleaning and applying an astringent, you should use a moisturizer. You should never choose moisturizers that contain cocoa butter and mineral oils. Moisturizers labeled as non-comedogenic are more suitable for oily skin.


Homemade beauty tip No. 5 for oily skin: Even if you see clouds in the sky, don’t forget to wear lots of sunscreens when you go out. Your sunscreen should have at least 15 SPF. But don’t forget to stick to one that is specifically designed for oily skin.

Home remedies

In addition to caring for your skin, you can always opt for effective and very economical home remedies. Home remedies for oily skin can not only make your skin fat-free but also flawless and radiant.

Honey and apple

Natural home remedy No. 1 for the care of oily facial skin: Cut apple into pieces and mix. Now add honey and apply it to your face and leave it on for 20 minutes. Only remove the packaging with lukewarm water.

Almond oil

Natural home remedy no. 2 for oily facial care: Put a few drops of lemon in almond oil and apply it to the face. Do it every day for a month and this beauty tip will bring you good results.


Natural home remedy No. 3 for oily face care: add lemon drops to the papaya puree and mix well. Massage your face with the mixture and leave it on for 15-20 minutes. Rinse off with cold water. read more Best vitamins for skin and hair.

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