How I Improved My Smelling Good: A FEW SCENT TIPS In One Easy Lesson

The good

I was with a group of friends and was waiting to be seated in a restaurant that we found quite ingenious. With some excellent places tending to be noisy, one of the most attractive girls in our group leaned in to say something. I have no idea what I would say because two words of the sentence were interrupted and said, “My God, you feel good!”

The evil

I went to the 34th floor, the elevators that pass by ignore the first 18 floors. It was a little grace. The car was full, and almost all buttons between 18 and 34 were on. It was a hot day, and there were at least four different overwhelming scents that attacked our nostrils. Each time the doors opened, a breath of refreshing air was inhaled, but then the doors closed and caught us with the aroma again.

When we reached level 30, we were only a few. The doors opened, and one of the other passengers gasped as he got out of the car. Only then did I realize to my shameful shame that one of the overwhelming and aggressive scents of Cologne came from me.

How do you use perfumes or colognes to make things like good and things like bad happen?

1) Start by finding the right fragrance for you. Every scent is different, and each person is different. It’s not only essential to find a scent you like, but also the one you love. A perfume should complement its natural flavors rather than hide them.

2) Time is important. The flavors you notice when you first wear the fragrance are called Key Notes. They are usually very bright and notable and fade quickly in the first hour or so. The high notes of a fragrance often cause the intense floral and floral aromas that allow a crowded elevator to hold its breath. To avoid being a necklace, you should apply your perfume for at least one hour before. 

3) Apply the aroma in selected places. The heat activates the perfumes. The fragrances that permeate time as your body warms up the scent, called heart notes, should be associated with you. You have to be a gentle presence that comes and goes with you. It is possible that the perfume can not be filtered as expected when placed under several layers of clothing. Try to put small amounts in the openings of your clothes. Under the neck, on the sleeves, and even on the ankles when they are exposed.

4) I could think of basic notes as an aftertaste. These are the aromas that you want to keep in the room you found yourself in, and that evoke the subconscious of those who have known you.

We like to look good, and we want to smell good. A well-used fragrance can be like a good wine. And a very worn wine like this cheap wine that Uncle Walter always drinks.

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