In good weather, some people have a pink and vibrant color on their cheeks; others have more. Dry skin, hands, and feet are common in winter, causing many skin problems. In addition to the sensation of tension and dry skin, others suffer from more severe skin problems such as peeling, tearing, and inflammation due to cold.For this reason, your daily skin regime should change and adapt to the winter cold.

Here are some useful care tips that you can follow during the winter season


The simplest, cheapest, and most effective way to fight dry skin is to get hydrated.  Bring a bottle of clean water with you when you go. Keep in mind that you need to do the same thing to your skin when you have a dry cold. Moisturizing the skin is an essential part of any skincare, regardless of the weather. However, buy an oil-based moisturizer instead of water during the winter season. The moisturizing oil forms a protective layer that helps your skin to store more moisture. But not all fats are enough. It is, therefore, best to look for moisturizers that contain oils that will not clog. The ideal oils are evening primrose oil, almond oil, avocado oil, and mineral oil.

Protect your skin from the sun.

Most people assume that sunscreen is only for the summer. The truth is that the harmful sun rays and the sheen of winter snow are a dangerous combination for your skin. So be sure to protect your skin. Use a strong sunscreen (at least SPF 15 or higher) to do the trick. If possible, look for a sunscreen that also acts as a moisturizer. Apply sunscreen to face, neck, and arms about half an hour before leaving. Use more when exposed to the sun for extended periods.

Take a linseed oil additive.

With a healthy diet, you can choose to take linseed oil as a supplement. Flaxseed oil not only provides your body with many health benefits but also contains the right amount of essential fatty acids to help you hydrate. This health supplement is available in capsules and as an oil.

Avoid using your hairdryer.

If you regularly use a hairdryer to comb, put it aside even in winter if you want to treat dry skin. The hot air from the dryer can irritate the scalp and the skin and lead to skin problems.

This is all Follow these simple tips, and you will for sure have this adorable pink glow in the winter, less dry skin.

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