HOW TO MAKE A PARTY MAKEUP Do You Really Need It This Will Help You Decide!

Today I leave you the keys and essential tips for the realization of an intense party makeup so that it lasts all day or all night and thus to be perfect at all times. Party makeup should be more intense than the day look. The primary key to this type of makeup is to use long-lasting products that resist without alterations for hours and give it a special touch, for example, the use of brightness and illuminators.

1. Long Term Base. PARTY MAKEUP

For a bombproof skin. After moisturizing your skin, apply a concealer to correct small imperfections and long-lasting, resistant makeup base and seal with translucent powders. This base will allow you to be perfect for hours despite friction or sweat.

2. Defined contours

Apply a terracotta powder with a brush to give depth to the cheekbones and sculpt the areas of the face to stand out like the sides of the forehead, sliding the brush towards the cheeks and under the line of the jaw.

3. Bright look

With the concealer, it erases the dark circles, and with the illuminator, it gives highlights in the center of the forehead and chin. Apply a cream with golden glitters on the eye contour.

4. Smoky eyes

We will play with the shadows to create an intense look. With the lightest shade, it brings light into the tear and arch of theeyebrow, mixes the intermediate shadows over the entire eyelid, and with the most intense shadow borders the upper and lower line of the eyelashes and blurs all its contours. Intensify the set with a black shadow applied from the end of the eye to the temples and on the bottom line of eyelashes blurring. With liquid black eyeliner, draw a line from the tear to the end of the upper lashes. Outlines the inner waterline of the eye in black.

5. XXL eyelashes

Use an eyelash curler and apply a black-carbon mask on the upper and lower lashes.

6. Party cheeks

Blushers can give you a healthy rosy look to outline the oval of the face. If you want to enhance the cheekbones, apply a slightly darker pink from the center of the cheek to the temples in the area, and on the upper line of the cheekbone, use a bright tone such as a cream or shadow with golden glitters.

7. Lips

You can opt for a lipstick in ice or nude color like the one in the photograph to highlight only the look or outline the contour with a lipstick in a more intense shade such as mauve and lip gloss in the center to give volume. Read more Makeup Tips,

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