How to take care of your frizzy hair naturally

More and more of us kiss our frizzy hair and wear it with pride. You should know that frizzy hair that is characteristic of African black hair requires special attention as it is usually dry and sometimes brittle and you need to find the right routine to stay hydrated throughout the day.

To give you the most important tips for healthy, frizzy hair, we turned to the WAAM Cosmetics brand, which offers natural care products such as oils, butter, clay, neutral bases to customize, etc.

How do you keep hair naturally curly, curly fight dry?

As the skin on the body, which in black skin types is usually very dry and needs to be deeply hydrated and nourished, hydration is also crucial along with frizzy hair.

To be less dry, frizzy hair needs water or conditioning, the main ingredient of water (aqua must come first on the list of ingredients).

After getting the water they need, it is necessary to maintain that moisture in the hair. We recommend the LOC (liquid, oil, cream) or LCO (liquid, cream, oil) method, which is sufficient. It consists of applying a treatment oil and cream (or vice versa) after the hydration step. The hair is much less dry and stays hydrated for much longer.

Essential steps in your routine for curly hair care.

Before any shampoo, it is essential to do an oil bath with two or three vegetable oils without silicone, with complementary properties and depending on your choice, depending on what best suits your hair:

  • Softening and nourishing coconut oil – Nourishing
    , Grape seed regenerator
    Oil – oatmeal oil: enrichment and growth activator
    -Jojoba oil: nourishing and regulating sebum

This step is essential. For the hair to completely absorb the oil, apply the oil from length to tip. If your hair is having trouble moisturizing after using the oil, wrap a towel around your hair with hot water for about 15 to 20 minutes.


In our beauty tips for black women, we always state that the skin must be cleaned well without damaging it. The same goes for the hair. A good routine starts with taking good care of your scalp. It should be cleaned effectively and gently. Shampoos without sulfates are beneficial and not harsh. For added softness, you can apply a Rhassoul-based mask to your scalp and lengths, emulsify and rinse off.


The detangling step is essential; frizzy hair tangles very quickly. Nourishing hair care can help. Apply along the length and detangle the hair with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb. Always start from the ends to the lengths to avoid breaking.

Routine maintenance to keep hair moisturized.

After detangling, a thorough treatment is good for the hair. Choose your mask based on the needs of your hair (e.g., nutritious or high protein). Nourishing hair care is excellent in itself. You can personalize it with an egg to turn it into a protein treat or only vegetable oils for an ultra-nutritious pleasure.

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After rinsing the mask using the LOC method, the hydration and nutrition step is not skipped. Depending on the needs of your hair, you can repeat this method every day, every third day, etc.

Beauty tips for oyas

To reduce the number of products in your bathroom, we recommend that you have a nourishing hair product on hand. It is used on your cow, to detangle your hair, as a deep mask, and even as a nourishing cream applied daily.

Do you want to change your style? Your hair is well-nourished and hydrated. You have the option to straighten it out from time to time. Discover our step-by-step guide to successfully judging like a pro!

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