The toothbrush may seem like an innocent personal hygiene device, but it is fertile soil for bacteria. After some research, bacteria begin to dissolve in their new toothbrushes as soon as they open their sealed containers. It does not stop here. Bacteria appear and continue to multiply in our

toothbrushes, invisible to the naked eye.We must learn how to maintain our hygiene equipment. We only hurt ourselves if we do not. This problem does not concern you because you are a person with obsessive-compulsive disorder. This worries him because his health may be in danger, and he does not know. You do not have to leave everything to your dental clinic. You also have to consider some personal orientations.

Do not store your toothbrush in dark places.

Imagine your toothbrush in one of these comics, where it becomes a city where bacteria invade and destroy everything on their way. Only this scenario occurs. We can not see the microscopic invasion. Bacteria grow in dark, moist places. We often store our toothbrushes in bathroom cabinets. Although the inside of the closet is not wet, it is still dark. In general, the bathroom is mostly damp, and there is humidity everywhere. Bacteria in your bathroom can easily contaminate your toothbrush. The best place to keep your toothbrush in a dry place outside the bathroom.

Do not store it in the same place as other toothbrushes.

Diseases easily infect the human body. These various diseases have many vessels around us, even within our reach. One of these glasses or half, if you can, is (surprise!) Your toothbrush. We always think that storing family toothbrushes in the same place, say, a big glass for all toothbrushes is soft and symbolizes solidarity. Sorry, but it is not hygienic. Family members can easily transmit diseases in this context. This is another family habit that should be stopped as soon as possible.

Clean it under running water

Dentists recommend cleaning the toothbrush under running water. Then it is not recommended to dry it with a towel or other material. Instead, you need to air dry it. It must stand upright while it is drying. Also, think about the first guideline. Keep your toothbrush away from your bathroom.

Replace it every three or four months.

This should be the most common indication (and the most common warning) when brushing your teeth. Not everyone can follow him faithfully. There are multiple reasons for this. We are busy. We tend to forget. We have no budget for a new toothbrush. Of course, some are mean. However, some of us still use them to keep their toothbrushes for as long as possible. You have to buy a new toothbrush if your current toothbrushes are no longer recognizable. This example is the worst case. And oral health experts ultimately discourage this attitude. If possible, mark your calendars for the next toothbrush change, so you do not forget.

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