The importance of oral hygiene in children.

Oral hygiene must start early to establish good habits that guarantee dental health when we grow up. However, sometimes it isn’t easy to know how to make the little ones aware of the importance of caring for their teeth every day. For this reason, today, we offer advice in our orthodontic clinic in Valencia to help develop these oral hygiene habits in children in their early years.

Oral hygiene is essential for children.

Oral hygiene in children Maintaining oral health in children is the same or more important than that of adults since, in the first years of life, a habit is acquired to maintain them, which guarantees health. Dental care continues as many children grow up. Therefore, we cannot ignore its importance and have to work so that the little ones also consider oral cleaning necessary.

If we succeed, we guarantee our children a healthy and clean life and avoid various diseases related to the mouth and teeth. An attentive mouth also gives them the right personal image, both in the private sphere as well as at work and school.

Tips that make it easier for children to take care of their teeth.

  • Children should brush their teeth at least twice a day. It is a good habit to brush your teeth after breakfast and before bed and make this routine a game.
  • Explain to the children how important it is to practice this habit daily and, above all, to set a good example. If you brush your teeth daily, your children will understand that oral health is essential, and follow you.
  • Don’t let your child believe that oral hygiene is a punishment. It would help if you made it clear to him that you must brush your teeth thoroughly without bothering them. As a trick, you can make it a game in which you fight the bacteria that form cavities and eat your teeth.
  • You have to be relaxed and in a good mood. We know very well that the children are not on the move, so we have to wait until they are comfortable and happy to continue the dental routine. Otherwise, it will be a struggle associated with something negative.
  • Negotiation. This is the key you need to negotiate with so that you feel involved in the whole process. How? ‘Or what? Let him choose his brush, his color, or his favorite character. This way, you will love and inspire him with the idea of ​​brushing your teeth.
  • Propose social activities after brushing. This way, the child will always say that after brushing their teeth, they have fun with their parents and are waiting impatiently for them.
  • Without threats or punishment. We always have to show the positive side of brushing so that our efforts are not counterproductive.
  • You are brushing toys. You can reserve a specific toy that can only be played with brushes.

In summary, it must be ensured that oral hygiene in children becomes an attractive and constructive game for them, with which they understand the importance of caring for their teeth and maintaining the habit when they are older. Use these moments to have a good time with your children and take care of their dental health!

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