Makeup Tools – The 6 Must-Haves When Applying Makeup

We all know that having the best equipment and tools for a job makes things much more comfortable. Now think about it when you make makeup. The truth is, with the right makeup tools, it’s much more comfortable and even funnier to show off your good looks and hide your imperfections.  But other more important ones can help you. Let’s take a look at the main tools for applying makeup.

Base, corrector or brush

Professional makeup artists are now interested in using a base brush, which is a thick brush with a flat tip. The main advantage of using such a brush is that it gives a more refined and natural appearance when applied to the base. It’s also perfect for mixing the station without leaving any visible lines.

Brushes that are to be painted or painted are very similar to the base brushes. This is just a smaller brush that will easily cover up bumps, grains, or scars with a concealer. You do not have to use a base, but it’s always a good idea to use a concealer to cover dark circles under your eyes or other unwanted areas.

Makeup sponges

Women often use their fingers to apply the base. Even professional makeup artists sometimes use their fingers, but the fact is that the use of makeup sponges has benefits. If you have sensitive skin and have problems with breakouts, use your fingers to add more sebum and dirt to the surface, which only makes the situation worse. You will also enjoy a softer and more refined look when using a sponge. It’s also easier to mix the base and remove visible lines on the face. There are several types of sponges, but I have found that triangular sponges can easily reach all the curves of your face, which makes mixing much more comfortable.

Brow brush

Eyebrows are essential for your general beauty regime. Few women model their eyebrows, but it’s something people notice when it’s not set right. If you rub your eyebrows, you can see which hair should be shaved. Your eyebrow brush can also identify bald spots that you can fill with a small eyeshadow or dye.

Powder brush

When you buy face powder, it is common that it comes with a powder or applicator. Although their use is acceptable, they tend not to spread the dust on the face in a very uniform manner. If you are looking for more control and a right mix of powder, a powder brush will certainly help.

Eye shadow brush

It is common for some eyeshadows to be dry and flaky during use. The eyebrow facilitates the even application of eye shadow.  By using a darker color as the base for the eyelid, and a highlight color above, if any.

Eyelash curler

For most women, an eyelash curler is something they only see in a makeup program. It is an excellent tool for women to emphasize their eye makeup and give their eyelashes a beautiful bow. Use a hairdryer to warm the curling iron and then hold it for a few seconds on your eyelashes. After using the eyelash curler, apply brown or black mascara to your eyelashes to hold the loop in place.


Indeed, you can probably do without one or two of these tools. However, you will notice a big difference in your overall appearance as you learn how to use these tools properly. You will begin to use your makeup as you should see it. The time you spend with makeup is also much funnier and faster.

Most of these makeup tools are available in pharmacies. However, I recommend buying your makeup and tools in a makeup shop where professionals can help you. You pay more than a pharmacy or a supermarket, but it lasts longer and works better. Your beauty and your self-confidence

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