The best sources of monounsaturated fat

The German Heart Association recommends limiting your total fat intake to 35% of your daily calories, and monounsaturated fat accounts for up to 20% of your daily caloric intake. Monounsaturated fats are good for your cardiovascular system. They lower LDL (for the acronym; it refers to low-density cholesterol), the type of harmful cholesterol that has been linked to heart disease. while HDL (for its acronym in English; refers to high-density cholesterol), or “good” cholesterol, increases. Foods high in monounsaturated fat include nuts, oils, fish, and other plant-based foods.

Fish and other foods

Most fish are high in polyunsaturated fats, especially omega-3 fatty acids. However, some types of fish offer significant amounts of monounsaturated fats. These include pickled Atlantic herring, halibut, black cod, and mackerel. The only commercially prepared breakfast cereal that is considered a very good source of ready-to-eat monounsaturated fat is cereal. Butter, eggs, and many kinds of cheese like Roquefort, Munster, Monterey Jack, Parmesan, Cheshire, cream cheese, and Limburgers are good sources of monounsaturated fats.

Vegetable and fruit oils

Many vegetable oils are high in monounsaturated fats (also called oleic acid). Among those that have the highest levels of monounsaturated fats, we find sunflower oil and safflower oil, rich in oleic acid, as well as hazelnut, olive, canola, avocado, almond, peanut, corn, sesame and bran. Rice, soybean and cod liver oil. Soft spreadable margarine is mainly made from olive or rapeseed oil and is also rich in monounsaturated fats. Only two fruits, avocados, and olives are high in monounsaturated fat. Each of these provides approximately 10 g of monounsaturated fat per 100 g serving.

Nuts, legumes and seeds

Hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, walnuts, almonds, pistachios and cashew nuts are rich in monounsaturated fatty acids. Therefore, cashew and almond butter are also rich in this heart-healthy fat. Peanuts are the richest legumes in monounsaturated fats. Peanut butter is also a great food source for this fat. Sesame seeds, together with sesame butter or sesame paste, also known as tahini, contain a high proportion of monounsaturated fatty acids. Sunflower seeds and butter made from sunflower seeds, pumpkin and flax seeds provide monounsaturated fats.

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