Most Fragrances Today Are Toxic!

Although not everyone knows, most fragrances used in today’s products are made from synthetic petrochemicals and are harmful to health. Like many other chemicals in our environment today, it is advisable to reduce exposure as much as possible, even if this product is not sensitive to chemicals 

There is evidence that these chemicals are increasingly accumulating in our bodies as more and more chemicals have been used since World War II. They can cause all sorts of side effects, including headache, nausea, swelling of the breasts, swelling of the throat and shortness of breath, swelling and joint pain, blurred vision, 

* Chemical sensitivities can be defined as if humans have unwanted physical reactions to low concentrations of everyday chemicals. It is widespread in the United States today. It is estimated that 20-30% of the population react to one or more synthetic chemicals and that one of the things they respond to is perfume. These people often look entirely healthy. It’s hard to understand or believe, but chemical sensitivities are very real. 

The current fragrance is mainly based on petrochemicals and is quite toxic

Did you know that many of the ingredients of perfumes and fragrances are identical to some parts of gasoline? Aromas of flowers and plants used to exist, but the current scents are mainly petrochemicals. It may be hard to believe that the government will allow it, but many of these synthetic fragrances are very toxic to humans. Very few studies have been done on these chemicals before they were used in these various household products. 

Perfumes can be found not only in perfumes but also in perfumed products such as detergents, dry wipes, air fresheners, aftershaves, cosmetics, shampoos, lotions, and other cleansing and personal care products. Many people assume that these products are safe for everyone just because they are widely used. However, we can not conclude that this is the case if you observe past experiences. For example, gasoline, lead paint, and cigarettes should remain safe for years to come. When it was proposed for the first time to ban smokers smoking in public places, many people fought against it for reasons of individual rights. 

However, many years later, most people accept that they do not have the power to harm the health of others when they smoke in public places nearby. It took years for this to be accepted, and it will probably take many years for people to accept the fact that the use of synthetic fragrances in public places is also a health risk and should be banned. , 

Reducing the consumption of perfume can help other people with asthma or other health problems

Another reason for reducing the chemical exposure to which it is exposed, while not currently sensitive to chemicals, is the fact that anyone can become susceptible to chemical overload. This overload can occur and occur with repeated low-level exposures, not only at high-value exposures. In addition to the ability to become chemically sensitive, many immune-related diseases such as cancer and autoimmune diseases are associated with the accumulation of chemicals in our bodies. 

Therefore, reducing the chemicals in your household also reduces the risk of their development. Also, even the American Medical Association recognizes that perfumed products can aggravate asthma and respiratory disease. Therefore, reducing the consumption of perfume can help family members, visitors, colleagues, and/or classmates with these issues. If you use perfumed products, including clothing that has been washed with fragrant cleansers, breathe these chemicals throughout the day. 

The people with whom you come in contact do the same. They make unique detergent flavors that last a long time and adhere to clothing. Therefore, the use or use of these products is not a personal decision, as is smoking near others and exposing them to second-hand smoke. Their perfumed products affect the airspace of others and can make other people sick, even if they do not feel it. The fact that the product does not feel right after a moment does not mean it’s worn out. Often the nose just gets used to the smell, and you do not notice it anymore. 

Look for products without perfume

The solution is to look for fragrance-free products, including cosmetics, detergents, after-shaves, air fresheners, etc., and do not use any synthetic fragrance (most) unless you make sure it does not bother anyone. Many chemically sensitive and asthmatic people will appreciate it, and in fact, it will also understand your body. 

Many people who do not believe that they are vulnerable to chemicals are surprised to find that their health improves when they reduce their exposure to common household chemicals. Often, headaches, fatigue, and memory problems develop, as well as other symptoms that may not be related to exposure to the chemicals you use daily. You do not have to change everything overnight, buy, why not purchase perfume-free products while missing out on your perfumes and paving the way to better health? MORE: CHOOSE THE RIGHT FRAGRANCE FOR YOUR WEDDING

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