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A radiant face, a uniform and fresh complexion? In the middle of winter, when the mirror gives us back our notable features, one of which is dull and blurry, it seems like an inaccessible dream. However, it is possible to have glowing skin even in winter.

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Of course, the cold season is not stingy with the enemies of our natural Light. Our beautiful tan took time, and our skin was refined. The slightest redness or imperfection occurs on light skin, and dull skin turns gray. Then absence is strongly felt: that of the sun. Because UV deficiency = free fall rate of vitamin D, do you know what this vitamin is for? Bingo: our cell renewal that suddenly slows down. As a result, dead cells play overtime on our faces.

Although it is difficult to renew yourself, our skin is also tested. The heat, the cold, and the wind are drying it up. Oily and more massive meals, especially during the holidays, overload our bodies: our skin can no longer effectively remove toxins and impurities. That’s the total: pores are clogged, hello imperfections, dull and shiny complexion. Can we add anything else? When tired, our epidermis has problems fighting free radicals: skin aging accelerates. The skin spots, the pigment spots, multiply.

Don’t panic; nothing will be lost: if you follow these 5 tips, your face will regain its shine.

1. Treatments adapted to the nature AND the condition of your skin

Before doing anything, it is essential to know the nature of your skin: normal, combined, oily or dry. An inadequate routine would weaken the skin’s defense reflexes or lead to utterly counterproductive reflexes and increase dehydration and sebum’s overproduction. In other words, an even duller and duller complexion! But, and this is also important, you also need to consider your condition: dehydrated, mature, sensitive … This can vary greatly depending on the season, activity, health, age and cycle: your skin is 1001 reasons for certain T-time -Requirements: In winter you are generally hungry for higher lipid treatments.

Always make sure that you choose all of your treatments based on these needs. Our online diagnosis will help you in just 2 minutes to better understand your skin and identify the treatments in our range adapted to it. The secret? Listen to your feelings – proper care should provide you with lasting comfort and better visibility.

2. Take the right steps – no camouflage or scrubbing!

Some mornings you almost want to go out behind a mask. Forget about camouflage techniques: keep makeup under control with shades tailored to your skin tone and minerals. Otherwise, all you can do is highlight your imperfections and smother your skin a little more. Prohibition of UV cabinets whose catastrophic effects on health have no longer been proven.

There is also a great temptation to create a new skin by removing clogged pores and dead cells. Stop! Yes, a deep peeling makes for a comfortable feeling. But of concise duration. Most of all, if you apply too much force to your weakened skin, you run the risk of attacking it and weakening it a little more. Rely on her to tell you by making you feel uncomfortable and then showing up to defend yourself. We, therefore, forget about the peelings that irritate, refine, or even hurt—but also cleaning agents based on sulfate agents, SLS or SLES, which remove everything on their way: impurities, of course, but also the protective film on your skin.

3. The foundation: a strict AND gentle routine

However, it’s not about leaving the skin alone. Thoroughly cleansing your face morning and evening is the most critical gesture for your skin to glow. But slowly.

Even if you don’t wear makeup, you can’t skip this step as it will cleanse your pores and make your skin more receptive to care. Choose a gentle but powerful detergent. Yes it exists! Thanks to vegetable oils: Due to their similarity to the fatty acids in our sebum, they can really penetrate the epidermis and gently remove all unwanted substances. Plus: nutrients, hydration, regulation and comfort! Depending on the type of your skin, choose our Oil Right cleansing oil, which is suitable for as many people as possible, or our Milky Way cleansing milk, which is rich in 15 fats and glasses and is ideal for sensitive or dry skin. For your oily skin?

A sulfate-free cleansing gel that contains a non-comedogenic vegetable oil like sunflower, essential oils, and astringent antibacterial hydrosols. Our gentle angel cleanses and cleanses your face without drying it out or stimulating your sebum glands.

In any case, conclude the operations with a hydrosol jet, which removes the lime from the rinse (you can even rinse your milk or oil with it) and supplies valuable active ingredients for the luminosity of the skin such as grapes or lemon. After all, hydrating your face morning and night is essential: glowing skin is healthy, well-groomed, and hydrated skin.

Ideally, apply all of your treatments by hand with small, light circular massages. They activate the microcirculation, which is essential for cell renewal.

4. Enrich your routine with natural ingredients that increase radiance

With good cleansing and hydration, things will gradually improve. But with certain natural ingredients in your care, the boost is guaranteed!

Particularly crucial for tired skin: choose a moisturizer that is rich in essential fatty acids. Vegetable oils and butter with lipids very similar to those of sebum mix with your skin, thoroughly nourishing and revitalizing it. Particularly regenerating: baobab, olive or argan oil. To illuminate your complexion, opt for beta-carotene: natural and healthy radiation effect with carrot maceration even faces like rose hips. Flaxseed oil and shea butter are great for reducing redness and irritation and regenerating even the most malnourished skin. Thanks to its unique content of fatty acids, yes, and vitamin E, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant.

Because dull skin has a particular need for antioxidants: its loss of luminosity is mainly due to daily aggressions (pollution, UV rays, etc.) that damage our cells. To detoxify and protect your skin, there is nothing like herbal antioxidants that are so potent that even the conventional industry uses them and gives up competing with synthetic ingredients: green tea or blackberry extracts, sesame oil, Grape seeds … Chlorella Vulgaris has a curative effect that can be felt to help you look better.

Choose a moisturizer that uses the synergies of these natural treasures such as Glow Up or Whole Again, depending on your skin. And for an extra boost, use our Plump it Plumping Oil, which tones, brightens and tightens the skin. Apply 2-3 drops to the fingertips in the evening, heat by rubbing and apply to the whole face. You can supplement it with a face cream!

If you have dark spots, add a serum like our Light Up to your routine to even out your skin tone. Further information: Prevent, reduce and mask pigment spots. A tip: do not neglect the eye area; it is particularly essential for the healthy glowing effect.

Finally, get enough sleep to boost your cell renewal, ventilate your interior every day. Even if it’s cold, take a walk and play sports… and you’ll have a bright winter!

5. The beauty of your skin comes from your plate

Most importantly, look at your lifestyle. Your diet, in particular: it alone, can destroy the effects of the best routines! Again, bet on vitamins, good fatty acids and antioxidants: vegetable oils (olives, walnuts, rapeseed), nuts, oily fish, shellfish, vegetables, whole grains, citrus fruits, green tea …

Abuse of fresh organic (and seasonal!) Fruits and vegetables provide you with fiber and vitamins that are valuable for good toxin removal: tubers and cabbage. Pay special attention to beta-carotene, an antioxidant and great for the complexion: carrot, spinach, sweet potato, pumpkin … To compensate for seasonal vitamin D deficiencies: egg yolks, dairy products, mushrooms or … dark chocolate if you prefer;). Limit prepared foods, quick sugars, and fried foods. Avoid tobacco, limit alcohol, but drink plenty (water!).

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