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Natural tips for glowing skin do you want? Read this article. Pollution, stress and lack of sleep – the skin is quickly prone to gray hair! To cleanse the epidermis and regain its radiance, here are ten highly effective natural remedies for grandmother.

1. Water to Hydrate

To be supplied with oxygen, the skin needs an intensive supply of moisture. We have therefore set ourselves the rule of drinking eight glasses of water during the day … and we are no exception!

2. Honey for pores

We mix three tablespoons of honey with a little lemon juice to smooth out the skin’s irregularities. To optimize the penetration of the mask, take a steam bath, which opens the pores. As a result, they are less pronounced, and the skin appears more evident.

3. Tomatoes for stain

Tomato puree is applied to the face to remove redness and reduce blemishes. These fruits also help us get rid of dead skin and refine the texture of the skin.

4. A targeted diet

We limit our consumption of alcohol (no more than a glass of wine per day), which is known to dilate blood vessels and irreversibly mark the skin. We don’t overeat fat (cold cuts, fast food …) to avoid a pimple rash. On the other hand, fish is recommended for its fatty acids that promote cell renewal. Foods rich in carotene (carrots, apricots …) are also known to lighten the skin.

5. Clay to purify

Oily skin is often not radiant because of its shine. To compensate, mix two tablespoons of pink clay with the juice of half a lemon. Let stand for a quarter of an hour before rinsing with clean water. And we avoid at all costs green clay, which is too aggressive on the skin.

6. Grapes for smoothing

Once a week, the epidermis is peeled off to remove dead cells and thoroughly cleanse the skin. To do this, we extract the seeds from a grape. These are rubbed against the skin of the face and neck in circular motions. The complexion is immediately uniform and glowing.

7. Essential oils as a life

In a spray bottle, we mix a few drops of essential oils with water to create a regenerating fluid. We chose sandalwood or bergamot oils for their moisturizing properties. We spray the product several times a day to soften the skin and protect it from contamination.

8. Homogenize Rosewater

After we have cleaned perfectly, we soak two cotton pads with rose water, which we pat all over the face. Rosewater is known for its firming and cleansing properties for both dry and oily skin. Guaranteed boost!

9. Eye tea

When we drink it ad libitum to keep the body hydrated, tea is also our ally for freshening the eyes and softening the eye area. We leave two sachets of chamomile tea on the eyelids for five minutes for optimal decongestant effects. Chamomile is preferred for its anti-inflammatory properties.

10. Parsley against Pimples

Sometimes the skin may darken in places due to the concentration of blackheads. To eliminate them, we add parsley juice to the areas to be treated. Handle with a lemon wedge after rinsing. Then the skin is clear and radiant.


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