The treatment of hair loss in men has been a struggle for generations. Minoxidil is the only FaDA-approved hair loss treatment.  As with many other medications, another application was also discovered in him that was designed to treat hair loss. Patients who took the medication for high blood pressure found a side effect of the drug: The hair grew in different parts of her body, e.g., B. on the back of the hand, on the cheeks, and even on the forehead.

Minoxidil can help combat male baldness.

Researchers wondered what would happen if a solution of Minoxidil were applied to areas of the scalp during baldness. Is the hair growing there? They asked each other. Yes, they found that the drug supported hair regrowth on the scalp and was an anti-fall treatment for men. Clinical studies have also shown that it slows the progression of hair loss. 

Recommended by the American Hair Loss Association

The American Hair Loss Association has recommended Minoxidil to people who do not respond well to any other treatment. Minoxidil is also known as Rogaine. In general, a 5% topical solution was used to treat hair loss in men and 2% in women. In 2007, a foam version of the product was launched, which became famous as an alternative to the current solution.

Effects tend to appear in small areas with baldness.

It has been shown that Minoxidil is slightly more effective in small hair loss areas. The sooner you start treatment, the more likely you are to get better and more complete outcomes. Sometimes, a side effect of the procedure can be an itchy scalp. You can try a shampoo that has been specially formulated to soothe the itchy scalp. Another outcome could be that you experience more hair loss, but only for a short time. This is considered a positive effect as your hair regrows in the long term with renewed vigor and vigor. The medicine should still be taken. Otherwise, hair growth may decrease or cease.

Provillus, an anti-fall treatment for men, combines the topical solution of Minoxidil, which has been proven to grow hair and a pill-like preparation that you take. This supplement, which you take twice a day, contains vitamins, minerals, and other valuable nutrients for the comprehensive treatment of your hair loss problem. This only makes sense in that the foods you consume daily should give your body the nutrition it needs to thrive. Also, the hair roots and hair follicles need sufficient nutrition to thrive and develop. In tests with topical application of Minoxidil, an extension of hair follicles was also observed.

Minoxidil increases hair production.

Nearly 80% of people taking oral Minoxidil had increased hair production, and it was observed that Minoxidil, in many cases, reversed the baldness of the male pattern. Before choosing a 5% solution for men, and a 2% solution for women, different degrees of the topical solution were tried. Provillus offers two various treatment programs: one for men and one for women, as this program takes into account the diverse needs of men and women.

The period until you notice a noticeable difference

An average period to check if your hair follicles react positively to Minoxidil is two to three months. Some authorities recommend four months. This male hair loss treatment works best when applied to the crown or top of the head. It is an over-the-counter medication; Therefore, no prescription is required. This over-the-counter medicine not only stimulates hair follicle hair growth but also has a positive effect on your hair by delaying the progression of hair loss. You must continue to use the treatment twice a day; otherwise, you will not benefit fully from your treatment.Provillus, which uses Minoxidil, is a treatment for hair loss in men with only a handful of treatments.

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