Practical Tips for Wedding Makeup

Wedding makeup is not as easy as it seems. This is actually one of the toughest make-up, not to mention the most sophisticated make-up artists out there.

Photogenic wedding makeup

A wedding will not be complete without photos. Expect tons of photos, so make sure the make-up of the bride and groom is not only perfect but also photogenic. To make the bride’s lips clearer in the pictures, cover her lipstick with a shine. The bright make-up is beautiful in itself, but do not use too many light-colored powders as these appear as ugly white spots on the photos. Remember, bright make-up is also a no-no-make-up for mature women. It will eventually emphasize your wrinkles. Do not forget to apply the rouge: a touch of colour on the cheeks is always beautiful in the pictures.

Sustainable wedding makeup

Wedding parties can last the whole day. So make sure that the make-up does not disappear before the end of the wedding. Applying a make-up base is essential if you want to achieve a lasting make-up. Make-up primers are known to absorb oil and keep make-up fresh throughout the day. By applying a powder on the ground, the make-up is maintained throughout the day. Bulk goods with oil-absorbing minerals are better for make-up. To keep the lipstick longer, first apply a thin layer of powder on the lips before applying the lipstick. Gently dry the first layer of lipstick and then apply the second lipstick layer. Do it until you get the lipstick you want.

Waterproof wedding make-up

Sweat and tears are always to be expected at weddings. A crying bride is not uncommon at wedding ceremonies. Therefore, make sure that the make-up you are wearing on the bride is waterproof, eg. As mascara and eye pencil. Make sure your eyeliner is dirt-repellent too. We do not want the bride to have terrible raccoon eyes on this special day.

Whenever you equip yourself with good wedding makeup tips, it is also easy to create a perfect wedding make-up.

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