WOMEN’S PERFUMES: What are the essential perfumes for this 2020? There are many brands of perfumes that we can find in the market, although some stand out above others in regards to the taste of consumers. Let’s see below, a list of the 10 best-selling women’s perfumes in 2020.


Sweet, fruity, and full of femininity. This is Chance Eau Tendre de Chanel, a perfume that begins reigning this 2020 in sales although, in fact, it has also been one of the best Christmas perfumes. A perfume that is ideal for those women who love classic perfumes with an extra feminine touch or for those who wish to create around them a fresh and romantic aroma.

A perfume with fruity and floral notes that mix grapefruit and quince, together with the softness of Jasmine and White Musks. A delicate perfume that has become a trend. Its price is between 55 and 95 euros, as it is sold in bottles of 50, 100 and 150 ml.


J’adore by Christian Dior is a magnificent, elegant and bright fragrance.  It has a fresh and fruity soul, given by white flowers, pear juice, and melon. But not for this, however, it is childish. On the contrary, it is a mature and reverent fragrance.

A fragrance that, like the previous one, has become a trend in feminine perfumes, which define a determined, strong but at the same time romantic woman. A perfect perfume for all kinds of occasions. It is sold for a price starting at 77 euros.


Chloé by Chloé is a perfume that can give you a feeling of freshness even on the hottest days. The initial wave of flowers and lychees subsequently evolves towards a pink, dusty and extremely feminine aroma.  It is a chic fragrance with a capricious soul.

This perfume is totally inspired by the rose, the classic flower with a sweet, delicate and romantic smell, which has made and still makes millions of women dream around the world. As soon as you open the bottle, notes that surround you with a delicate fragrance, ideal, ideal to use at any time of the year, even during winter and autumn, to carry with you a pleasant memory of spring and flowering.

You will never get tired of using it, because it does not have a strong aroma, but a soft, barely noticeable fragrance that will accompany you throughout the day, from morning to afternoon. A great perfume that you can find from 55 euros.


One of the best-selling fragrances, from the famous Sicilian-Milanese duo, Dolce & Gabbana, is undoubtedly Light Blue.  Launched in 2001, since then it has always been at the top of the list of the best selling perfumes for women.

This fragrance represents Italy, especially that of the south and is recognized by the fragrance. You will feel that you wear the summer you live in the Mediterranean, warm, sensual and elegant. The high notes are made of Sicilian cedar, crunchy apple, and sweet bell. Ten tips for choosing the best perfume in 2020

But it does not end here, because it will also be wrapped by heart notes composed of classic and Mediterranean jasmine, white roses and a bit of bamboo fragrance. Finally, you will be able to perceive cedarwood, amber and the liveliest musk note. Therefore, it is a feminine scent that truly embodies the Mediterranean, its flavors and, above all, its perfumes.

This is a fragrance especially indicated for the summer, and for the hot days in which to let yourself be enveloped by its freshness. It is available in several sizes, accessible for all budgets from 35 euros.


La Vie est Belle de Lancome is a type of sweet fragrance that mixes notes of praline, blackcurrant, and other floral notes. Rich, complex, and good for the winter months. This is the most popular scent of the line and one of the most popular fragrances for women today. It is sweet and cheerful.

La Vie Est Belle is led by the note of sweet praline and the creamy vanilla mentioned above. The blackcurrant note is sharp and a bit bitter, but it does not overwhelm the composition. This Lancome perfume is quite sugary but is reinforced by a solid patchouli note, to give it an earthy touch. It is easy to use and top-notch, with a pleasant aroma. You can buy it for 39 euros.


Versace Crystal Noir is the perfect perfume for women looking for something really intense. It has an extremely sensual and feminine aroma, suitable for a woman who wants to feel this way, elegant and sexy. Let’s start by saying that the fragrance is oriental, enveloping and floral. In the upper part, the black river, the black fig, and the violet stand out. In sweet notes instead of heart, we have the sweetness of jasmine, frangipani, and tuberose. Finally, you will hear in the base notes the nice sandal, vanilla, heliotrope, and cashmeran.

The style and professionalism that Versace dedicates to its clothes are included here in a truly exceptional fragrance. We are talking about one of the best perfumes for women in the world, sweet and fresh thanks to its floral and light fragrance. For these reasons, it is absolutely perfect for summer and spring, but nothing prevents you from using a drop even in winter and enhancing your even more elegant nights. They are sold in different bottle sizes from 49 euros.


Probably the most popular of the perfumes of this list. An exceptional perfume for everyday use, Amor Amor combines fruits, floral and woody notes to create something seductive but playful.

A perfume that is perfect for summer, since it combines the freshness of jasmine and lily of the valley with the fruity energy of citrus and black currants to end in a gourmet pairing of coconut water and rum. We can buy it for 35 euros.


Are you looking for a good unisex, fresh and ethereal fragrance with summer notes? Well, then Calvin Klein’s CK One is a classic and a phenomenon in the worldwide sales ranking since 1994. Actually, it is one of the most famous and best-selling perfumes in the world, among the best in this ranking and of the sale of perfumes in general.

Its notes are very fresh and youthful, characterized by an opening of citrus, lemon, bergamot, and tangerine.  Heart notes have a floral scent of jasmine, violet, lily of the valley rose and nutmeg.  The basics, on the other hand, are woody and musky: amber and musk.

As we said, it is unisex, perfect for both women and men. It is simply the best fragrance for those who always want to be themselves and for those with a free spirit, without classifications or labels. Fresh and refreshing, it is best to use both day and night, especially the best to use in the warmer seasons. A few drops to cool off and let a whole day of work or exhausting training go by. You can find it for 30 euros.


Seeing the package it is clear what is the style that distinguishes this perfume, glam rock. It is a perfume designed for a strong and independent woman with a rock note: a lover of black but without sacrificing a note of pink and femininity. A fragrance that with its contrasts that manages to find the perfect harmony.

Among the high notes, we find pink pepper, orange blossom, and pear. Those of the heart contain coffee,  jasmine, bitter almond and licorice. Finally, the bottom consists of vanilla, patchouli, cedar, and cashmere wood.

A fragrance among the best, most popular and desired in the world. That he has the ability to create a real and really successful addiction that reminds us of a woman who looks tough and confident, but at the right time turns out to be sweet and passionate. You can buy it for 60 euros.


We finish our list of the 10 best-selling women’s perfumes talking about Alien, a perfume that is ideal for special occasions and does not allow you to go unnoticed. Loved by women, it is also a fragrance that many men like,

As expected, the aroma of Alien is really intentional and intriguing: the olfactory pyramid is characterized by floral notes ( jasmine, orange blossom, and tangerine), woody heart notes ( cashmere wood ) to end with base notes with amber ( white amber).

Nothing is left to chance, even the package that reminds the amethyst helps increase the attractiveness of this perfume. And it is precisely the bottle that hides a precious “secret”,  Alien is, in fact, one of the few refillable perfumes. If you are wondering how it is possible, just know that it is enough to go to the perfume shop with the empty bottle to fill it directly from the source. But be careful with the initial purchase, not all fragrance formats are sold in the refillable bottle. Its price can vary from 70 euros.


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