The 15 best wrinkle creams for women in 2020

In dana Perfumerías, you can not only buy perfumes, but we also bring you the latest in online cosmetic products and as usual we recommend the best. Today we want to make you aware of how important it is to use anti-aging creams. Therefore, we bring you an article with the best wrinkle creams for women on the market.

Wrinkles are a symptom of the aging of our skin. To combat them or reduce facial expression lines, it is convenient to use creams that help hydrate the skin and look younger for longer. But do you really know what are the best wrinkle creams for women?

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What are wrinkle creams?

The wrinkle creams for women or anti-aging creams are cosmetic products containing a range of special ingredients to rehydrate the skin, promoting cell to create collagen production, prevent cells from rusting of your face and protect it from the agents that promote the emergence of expression lines.  

Like all dermatological products and treatments, its use depends on specific factors, such as the type of result you are looking for, the time of day where its ingredients work most effectively and how old you are. This last factor is very important when choosing the best wrinkle cream since a complexion of a 45-year-old woman has different needs than a 30-year-old woman. 

The most important of a wrinkle cream is the ingredients it contains since depending on this, the effects they provide will be different. Some will contain a higher concentration of vitamin E or C, which triggers antioxidants, others may have retinol or essential oils that promote cell restoration, while others will have collagen that offers firmness and elasticity to the skin. 

In addition to attacking the effects of age with this type of wrinkle creams, we can help our body including in our habits a balanced diet, a lot of hydration and avoid cigarettes and alcohol. These simple actions will allow whatever type of cream we select our skin to optimally absorb the ingredients that contain wrinkle creams and thus facilitate them to work better on our skin.

At what age do you start using wrinkle creams?

The most important thing to avoid the appearance of wrinkles is to prevent them from using anti-aging creams when our skin begins to weaken. 

Although some dermatologists recommend using products as soon as possible, the reality is that the ideal age to add wrinkle creams to your beauty routine is 30 years.

It is at this time that the skin begins to decrease the ability to restore dead skin cells, causing the appearance of the first lines of expression, which, later, could become annoying folds that you can not remove more than using some kind of cosmetic surgery.

So it is recommended that it is at this age when you start thinking about wrinkle creams to help your skin avoid the appearance of wrinkles or, in case you are genetically predisposed to its appearance, soften them.

Remember that your application is also the secret of its effectiveness. Always apply from the inside out and ascending; The most important thing is to apply it in the areas where you have more lines of expression to avoid its appearance, or if you already have them, diminish its appearance. Also, if you want to apply your treatment while you sleep, consider our article of the best night creams.  

The 15 best wrinkle creams for women recommended by dermatologists

1.  Elizabeth Arden Prevage Anti Aging Overnight

If you are one of those people who have trouble sleeping or are looking for a treatment that helps you during the night due to lack of sleep, this treatment is ideal, as it helps you fight premature aging by adding it to your night treatment. 


This fluid cream with bi-floral saffron and bougainvillea cells regenerates the skin, redefines the facial oval and smoothes wrinkles. It also helps the pores close.


Silky texture helps reduce wrinkles and expression lines. Its perfect combination of UV filters protect the skin and reduce the harmful effect of ultraviolet rays.

4. Babaria Aloe Vera Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream

One of the most important ingredients to prevent oxidation of cells is Vitamin C, which is the main ingredient of this variation of Babaria to prevent the appearance of wrinkles as well as Vitamin E.

5. Clarins Extra-Firming Nuit

A night cream that contains ingredients that help the skin of your face to recover firmness and elasticity. Indicated for women 40 years and older, it offers an almost immediate enlistment effect.

6. Chen Yu Biolia Hydrissima Plus Wrinkle Cream

With extracts of Biomyox watercress, tea, kiwi, olive, among others, this day cream returns the vitality to the skin of your face fighting the appearance of wrinkles while offering hydration from the inside.

7. Anne Moller Time Prevent

This is a comprehensive and bio cellular treatment that provides your skin with the necessary elements to restore lighting, prevents the effects of age by attenuating the appearance of the first signs of aging.

In addition to including two exclusive brand ingredients known as SYSTÊME BLOCÂGE ADN and RADIANCE COMPLEXE, which favor the recovery of damage to DNA, it improves the process of cellular detoxification and reinforces the natural protection system.

8. Skeyndor Natural Defense Intensive Anti-Wrinkle Cream

An anti-wrinkle night cream that activates cellular respiration by renewing the skin tissue of your face offering a healing and moisturizing effect. It is important to apply it after your cleaning treatment for the best results.

9. Nivea Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream

It helps reduce expression lines providing nutrition and prevents aging thanks to its UVA protection, perfect for all skin types.

10. Nuxe Nirvanesque

If you are beginning to notice the effects of age on your face, this product is perfect for you. Thanks to its assets with peony and lotus seeds reduce the lines of expression softening and moisturizing the skin of your face.

11. Ziaja Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream Natural Olive Age

Ideal for use from 30 years. It helps soothe the skin thanks to its active ingredients, including olive oil, canola oil, coenzyme Q10. Especially suitable for dry skin.

12. Payot Sun Sensi Anti-aging / Wrinkle Facial Cream

Light and without oily sensation, this cream is perfect for oily skin. It also offers sun protection with an SPF 30+, so it is recommended to apply it during the day. Protection and anti-wrinkle effect on the same product.

13. Eve Lom Time Retreat Night Cream

From the line of the famous skin expert, Eve Lom, comes an option for those seeking to delay the onset of the effects of age during the night. This cream has, among other ingredients, encapsulated retinol that helps reduce blemishes, wrinkles and sagging faces. Add it to your night routine after your beauty ritual.

14. Shiseido Benefiance Anti-Wrinkles Smoothing Day Cream

Day cream with SPF25 protects the skin from the sun while providing elasticity and hydration reducing wrinkles.

15. La Prairie Cellular Radiance Cream

This wrinkle cream corrects the effects of the passage of time by combining liquid crystals, quartz and reflective pigments providing luminosity and freshness. In addition to containing ingredients that give elasticity and firmness to the skin of your face.

How to use the best wrinkle creams

For the best absorption and effectiveness of the creams, it is very important to apply it correctly on the face, neck, and neckline that must be perfectly clean before putting the cream. Apply by brief circular movements alternating hands, ascending from the bottom to the top of the face, insisting on the area of ​​the facial oval and temples. Redo the same movements on the other side of the face. Then apply on the neckline smoothing from the center outwards.

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