The Best 7 Healthy foods you can (and should) eat daily

Just as there are foods whose consumption should be spaced in time, there are other foods that you can (and should) eat every day to enjoy excellent health. Do you want to know what they are? 

You know that the ultra-processed ones are not good for your body, that you should eliminate as much as possible the junk food from your diet, or that it is advisable to limit the consumption of sugar, but do you know what foods to include in your daily menu? Keeping them in mind, and acquiring knowledge about them will help you make better food choices and develop a more vibrant and more varied shopping list based on fresh, seasonal, and environmentally aligned products.[Dietetic foods for diabetics]

Seven foods that make you age early.

If you want to improve your physical and mental health, prevent problems such as obesity, diabetes, or cancer and feel more full of energy, light, and motivated, we talk about seven essential foods that should be part of your daily diet. Do not forget to complete them with regular physical activity and positive habits, as well as a restful sleep every night. 

1. Bread and whole grains.

 Instead of simple carbohydrates, it is more appropriate for you to lean towards complexes, more abundant in folic acid and antioxidants, essential to stop premature aging, cognitive impairment, or prevent cancer. Both bread and whole grains will improve your digestion and help you regulate cholesterol levels. [Eat Healthy To Live Young]

2. Bluefish such as sardine, tuna, or salmon.

Among the virtues of bluefish, also popularly called cold water – such as mackerel, salmon, cod, tuna, sardine or anchovy -, a better rest, the enhancement of intelligence or the presence of fatty acids stand out omega 3, key to taking care of cardiovascular health and with anti-inflammatory and properties for the digestive system, hormonal regulation, depression or sight.

If you don’t want to eat farmed salmon out of respect for the environment, in this article, we give you a dozen alternatives. 

3. Olive oil, the basis of the Mediterranean diet.

 On other occasions, we have extolled the advantages of giving weight to the consumption of olive oil in your diet. This product so prominent in our Mediterranean olive diet contains oleic acid and hydroxytyrosol, with the ability to reduce cholesterol levels, decreases the risks of clogging and hardening, and benefits both your foot and your hair, decreases premature aging and fights against cell deterioration.    

4. Green tea and other infusions.

Green tea has many properties for your body, both slimming and when it comes to preventing various diseases. Its features stimulate liver detoxification, protect cells, reduce cholesterol, and purify your blood, is a very beneficial drink for your digestive and cardiovascular health.  

5. Garlic and onion, powerful anticancer.

7 Healthy foods you can (and should) eat daily

They usually go hand in hand both at the level of their medicinal properties and apply to numerous dishes. Both garlic and onion are powerful anti-inflammatory drugs that also help boost the immune system so that everything works smoothly thanks to sulfur-rich compounds, whose action reduces blood pressure, cholesterol, and metabolism disorders. They are also depuratives and constitute powerful anticancer agents against lung, colon, or skin cancer.  

6. Avocado, the fruit of essential fatty acids.

 This delicious tropical fruit,  whose benefits are already broken down in this article, is a recommended source of alpha-linolenic acid. They prevent cellular damage and aging, provide minerals and vitamins such as C, E, potassium or magnesium, lower cholesterol and triglycerides, and fiber. You can know all its benefits in detail here. 

7 Healthy foods you can (and should) eat daily

 Various scientific studies advise eating avocado several times a week to prolong life expectancy, reduce the risk of diseases such as prostate cancer or reduce cholesterol. 

7. Green leafy vegetables.

Green leafy vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, celery, parsley orchard are rich in antioxidants such as flavonoids and carotenoids, they protect you against numerous diseases, benefit healthy and light digestions, are recommended to avoid anxiety and depression, prevent aging and are incredibly favorable for your heart[THE BEST 15 HEALTH AND EXERCISE TIPS]

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