The best fragrances for the home: types and uses

BEST HOME FRAGRANCE: Learn how to make your home the place where you feel best through the use of aroma diffusers, creating the most appropriate environmental conditions.

The aromas for the home can stimulate your mood, or help you get a real relax, and of course, they are essential when it comes to feeling real well-being at home.

Do you know how different aromas work on our mood?

Looking for the best fragrances for the home, it is proven that certain odors such as the one given off by the mint, help to improve the ability to concentrate so that the brain is released from fatigue, while the smell of eucalyptus helps you breathe more deeply, relieving airway problems

Home air fresheners with citrus scents such as lemon scent, quickly identify with the feeling of freshness and cleanliness and help you activate.

Smells like orange, rose or strawberry will increase your optimism, while the smell of jasmine, cinnamon and orange blossom mixed with certain woods will arouse sensuality.

The air fresheners smelling vanilla seem to reduce bad humor and also work to calm the nervous state, but if you’re prone to migraines and headaches suffer, the best ambiance for you will be the compound with green apple.

For desmemoriados the smell of basil and rosemary can improve the ability to remember.

As you can see the fragrances for the home can significantly influence our body and behavior, and are the basis of aromatherapy at home, or in professional centers:

Healing technique, in which through the olfactory notes applied to in essential oils, which when breathed through the particles present in the air, reach from the respiratory system to the brain-stimulating certain areas producing a sense of relief, or activating certain areas related to emotions.

So in this post, we will explain which are the best fragrances for the home, and which are the most recommended by rooms, so you can choose the ones that best suit your tastes, and produce greater benefits for you and yours.

How to choose the scents that go best with you and your home

Although each person is a world and associates certain odors with situations that can give them a more positive or negative memory, there are certain aromas that arouse similar sensations in most people.

This is really confirmed by different olfactory studies and tests carried out with different population groups, and from here the best fragrances for the home, or for different types of businesses, arise.

For example, the smell of baby cologne is tender and endearing to the vast majority of people, and that is why the aromas that we will present in the following section are included in a catalog of the best fragrances for the majority of the home, What insurance is in no case incompatible with your particular tastes.

And fundamental advice, whatever type of smell you choose, the best fragrances for the home are those that have very persistent characteristics, but without excessive intensity so that they are not burdensome in the environment.

That is, the best air fresheners for the home should be noticeable throughout the time in space, but without so much force that they can become irritatin

Choose specific home fragrances for stays

Perhaps you may be wondering why not homogenize all the rooms in your home with a single scent and home freshener?

Well, the reason is that different scents, and home fresheners cause different sensations, both in the mind and in the body, and therefore the effects will depend on the space of the house in which we place it, and the type of activity we do.

If you are a perfectionist, you will like to achieve total harmony in all areas of your home, using the possible resources to achieve it, and in this sense, the best fragrances for the home play a very important role when they are well adapted with the rest of Interior design concepts.

Types of fragrances for each room

As we know that in the market there are endless possibilities of setting in the domestic sphere, we are going to give you a series of clues so that your choice is somewhat easier when choosing which fragrance to use in every corner of your house, within the home fragrances.

What odors are more suitable for entry?

Surprise yourself every time you enter the house, with great natural fragrances, which also serve to define your authentic personality when receiving visitors.

? The entrance of your house is the first business card of your most intimate space, which is your nest, and that’s why you should use furniture, accessories, lighting and a personalized aroma that transmits the best of you and your tastes.

Generate the best energy in your hall using natural fragrances with fruit aromas, citrus, flowers, cucumber and rosemary, cinnamon and vanilla, so that both you and your guests feel invaded by a warm and cozy home feeling.

Play with the scented candles in the decoration, home air fresheners, or glass vases with essences and chopsticks, vases and baskets with aromatic herbs and drops of essential oils.

? When you arrive at the lounge, what is the space in which you try to create a sense of order and sophistication, use aromatic luxury, looking for woody essences such as cedar combined with aromas of earth and leather, to enhance all the decoration creating the atmosphere perfect that also brings some relaxation.

In this space, the best option to not be very aware constantly is to have an electric diffuser of fresheners perfumes.

You can also strategically place flower and fruit centers, baskets with aromatic herbs, or other decorative containers with sand or quartz stones flavored with essential oils, and scented candles.

In the bedrooms even the best fragrances for the home, they have to be soft and relaxing to favor rest, and for this nothing better than using essences with chamomile, lavender, roses, jasmine, or hyacinth, or talcum powder, but keep in mind which is not the same in which bedroom you use each aroma.

In the master bedroom, the  home air fresheners with more sensual essences: aromas composed of wood and flowers

In children’s rooms, you should use sweeter aromas, with fruits such as melon, quince, watermelon, tangerine, strawberries or berries, lemon, and talc.

In the room of a young boy, the home air fresheners are perfect with aromas composed of sea salts and citrus For young girls, sea salts, citrus, and other more subtle with floral notes.

To have the best fragrances for the home, in the rooms you can use mikado sticks on the comfortable ones, or catalytic combustion lamps without flame, which in addition to providing a great aroma will clean the environment and destroy the particles that generate bad smell.

In these spaces, it is appropriate to use baskets with petals flavored with natural fragrances, and aromatic bags that you can hang. Also in the rooms, you can use sprayers to apply after ordering and ventilating and before applying home air fresheners. In the kitchen, the best results are achieved using lemon, basil, or peppermint, in addition to turning on the extractor when it is stewed.

To neutralize the odors of the garbage can, apply baking soda powder inside the bucket. You can also apply it inside the refrigerator to avoid mixing odors. Another good solution to eliminate bad odors is to use activated carbon, or the typical spray absorbs odors.

For the bath, marine or fresh herbs, pine or lemon fragrances that always suggest a feeling of cleanliness. Using fragrances for the home you will increase the personality and well-being of your home.

Enjoy all the aromatic notes that we can offer you by contacting us through our olfactory consulting, in a comfortable and simple way.

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