The party makeup that will make your eyes look bigger and with the most intense color

Yes, we all feel an absolute fascination for the party makeup tutorials we see on YouTube or Instagram. However, we rarely dare to try thinking that we will not do just as well or that we will wait for the perfect occasion.

Well, my friend, we have good news: the occasion has come because there is no better day than today. And, also, we have a SUPER easy tutorial of a very cool party makeup that will make your eyes look bigger and with the most intense color especially if you have the blue but also if they are brown.

Influencer and makeup artist Sara Emdi does the impossible: enlarge the look, intensify the color, and additionally the FETÉN eye makeup with a red lipstick without the look being excessive.

Party Makeup for bigger eyes

1. The base of the look will be matt (and we are going to use enough brightness and color). Givenchy Matissime Velvet makeup fund will last all night long. Sara has the tone 3 Mat Sand.

2. For hours and hours, the ‘influencer’ mattifies the T zone with the loose powder Prisme Libre, given Givenchy in tone 5 Satin Blanch.

3. Next, Sara gently marks the features by performing natural MEGA contouring with the Terracotta Sun Trio de Guerlain sun powders.

4. And it illuminates the volume points of your face like the arch of the eyebrow, the upper part of the cheekbones, the tip of the nose and the upper lip with a soft blush brush and the Mychy Glow Powder highlighter from Givenchy.

5. To frame the look, comb and fill the eyebrows with the Ka-BROW cream-gel! (in tone 3) of Benefit.

6. And start applying eye shadows. First, apply with a brush the lighter shade of the Palette Tonka Impériale de Guerlain palette under the arch of the eyebrow. The light brown by the mobile eyelid, create depth with the darker brown and give a spot of light with the shadow bright in the center of the mobile eyelid.

7. With the brown shadow, Sara marks the line of the lower lashes and then applies the metallic blue tone of the Après l’Ondée de Guerlain palette to highlight the color of the eyes.

8. Do you remember that black eye stripe that was SO fashionable in the 2000s? Well, you will do it again. In the video, the party makeup artist reviews with black kohl pencil the waterline with Kchy Couture waterproof eye pencil from Givenchy and reapplies another layer of the metallic blue shadow.

9. Start practicing so that you have a perfect cat’s eye with the Benefit eyeliner. They’re Real Liner.

10. Create a point of light by illuminating the tear with the white and silver shadows of the Après l’Ondée palette.

11. And finish the eye makeup by lengthening your eyelashes to infinity with Cils d’Enfer So Volume in Noir tone by Guerlain.

12. To finish this party look, Sara paints her lips with Givenchy’s Le Rouge Carmin Scarpin, a red fire with creamy texture and satin finish.

Save this video among your favorite tutorials because we assure you that it will become a great success of the most memorable party nights.

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