The Top 10 Best Makeup Brushes for 2020-Davskin

10 Makeup Brushes definition

Makeup Brush: Here’s a good shot: you do not need a thousand makeup brushes. You do not even need a handle. Seriously! Some of the best-known makeup artists prefer to use the warmth of their hands and their (clean) fingers to mix and melt most of the makeup on the skin. But if you are not a famous makeup artist (beginner, beginner) and need all the extra help and tools you can get, makeup brushes can be your best friends, even if they are a little hard to decode.

1. Foundation Brush

Although using a base brush is optional for your liquid makeup (you can choose a sponge or your fingers), be sure to use a kind of brush for your mineral or powder foundation. Enter: the essential brush. These types of brushes are generally dense and can be clamped flat (like a brush) or stable, rounded, and dome-shaped. While some people prefer synthetic hair (easier to cleanse) for their liquid formulations and natural hair (more porous) for their powders, I like synthetic fibers: the quality has been dramatically improved for years and can be used easily. For both.

2. Pencil Brush2. Pencil Brush

A brush does it all: touch the cream eyeliner, press the eyeshadow directly towards the lash line, help make the eyelashes run accurately, etc. Conical brush, especially if you plan to create a smoke or diffuse and diffuse shadow.

3. Blending Sponge

Do you remember, as I said, that a liquid-based brush is optional? Many makeup artists and YouTuber choose sponges to achieve an airbrush finish without scratches. Due to the rounded, smooth shape, the sponges leave no strange lines or loose bristles, and their wet surfaces help to remove the base, the concealer, or the cream to achieve a natural finish.

4. Highlighter Brush

The shape of your marker depends entirely on the desired level of brightness. Use a very long-haired brush (such as a fan or a long, tapered brush) to create a more diffused effect, or use a brush with dense bristles for an opaque and super-bright sheen effect.

5. Eyeshadow Blending Brush

Unlike a shading brush that covers pigments to give your eyelids a ton of colour, mix the powders well to get a pure and diffused finish, basically the smoke behind it a smoked eye or stuff for a Lewis shadow that looks natural. These brushes are known for their conical shape and their soft, fluffy hair, which you can mix, mix and mix well without scratching your eyelids.

6. Powder Brush

If your significant disorders are T-shaped areas or wrinkles under the eyes, I’d like to introduce them to your new best friend: Applying Dust … and powder brushes while travelling. Depending on the area you want to cover, the size of this brush varies from small to large and usually has long dense and spongy hair. It is intended to “coat” its liquid bases/creams as needed or to polish and mix the bases in powder form.

7. Contour Brush

The angled bristles of a contour brush make it easy to mix the fresh contour powder directly under the cheekbones. Use a brush with blunt bristles and a sharp edge to get a definite outline, or use a brush with a softer, sloping shape to create a subtle contour.

8. Eyeshadow Shader Brush

Okay, despite the name, which sounds right, an eyebrow is the key to getting dull, even colours on the eyelids. These brushes are usually flat, rounded at the top, and dense, so they can collect a lot of powder or cream to get a rich colour reward. Practical Tips for Wedding Makeup

9. Concealer Brush

Consider the concealer brush as a small base brush. Whether you want to pack the product under your eyes or cover a bright red grain, these plastic brushes are ideal for targeting specific small areas that you want to hide. Of course, you can use the Rehfoot sponge applicator directly from the correction tube, but a brush like this one is not only more hygienic but also provides a more realistic and even finish.

10. Bronzer/Blush Brush

The Top 10 Best Makeup Brushes for 2020-Davskin

The bronzing, blushing, and powdery brushes are quite similar so we can do the work of many, but who has the time to clean them between steps (and does not dare to use only a brush and not the one) clean ). Look for a tanning brush and a paint with long, fluffy bristles and a dome shape to evenly distribute the powdered pigments. The softer it is, the less product it absorbs (which is ideal if you want a wash in colour).

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