TOP 10 HAIR TIP CHECKLIST WHEN USING SHAMPOO: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

Why a checklist of hair tips for washing and washing your hair? It’s probably something that most people do regularly without thinking about it. This may be the case, but carelessness or ignorance in this area of ​​hair care can cause harm.

Be sure to follow these instructions when selecting and using a shampoo:

Hair Tips No. 1

Wash your hair regularly to keep the hair clean and maintain a healthy scalp. Depending on the environment in which you live and work, you can only wash your hair once a day without damaging it, if you use a mild, good-quality shampoo that does not remove all the hair. (Sebum is the natural oil produced in the hair follicle that contains a natural antiseptic and protects the scalp from infection.)

Hair Tips # 2

Do not use soap for your hair. The soap is too strong and can leave sticky residue mainly when applied to the hair in hard water areas. Experimenting with a variety of quality shampoos designed for your hair type will help you achieve what you are pleased with and make your hair clean and shiny.

Hair Tips # 3

Wash your hair with lukewarm water and wait until it is completely soaked before applying the shampoo. Sebum is a natural oil and does not dissolve in cold water.

Hair Tips # 4

Place a tablespoon of shampoo in the palm of your hand over the length of your hair and spread it between your hands. Spread it over your head by shampooing your hair to ensure even coverage.

Hair Tips # 5

Use the fingertips (not fingertips) to massage the scalp when applying the shampoo gently. The shampoo gets directly to the hairline. Pay special attention to the hairline and give it a little more time because dirt can accumulate in this area.

Hair Tips # 6

Most of the time, you only have to apply the shampoo once, especially if you wash your hair frequently. Unless, for the first time, you have not made a good mousse or the hair is particularly dirty in case the second use of shampoo is needed.

Hair Tips No. 7

Be meticulous when rinsing your hair. This must be done under running water, and a lot of water must be used! Shampoo remaining in the nose can cause damage.

Hair Tips # 8

Rub or caress your hair with a towel to remove excess water or moisture. Do not rub with a cloth to avoid damaging or breaking hair. Remember, wet hair is fragile.

Hair Tips # 9

Using a pH-balanced shampoo can help prevent it from being damaged without knowing it. A pH (hydrogen potential) between 4.5 and 5.5 is a good indication that the shampoo is slightly acidic and corresponds to the pH of your hair and your fat. A highly alkaline shampoo can damage the hair surface, although it seems to make the hair thicker.

Hair Tips # 10

Take the ingredients into your chosen shampoo and carefully check the label.Fruit supplements can help to moisturize the hair.In some cases, scented and colored shampoos can cause skin irritation. In this case, try another shampoo.Even if you are tempted to use a protein containing shampoo, it can certainly help your hair. If you are worried that your hair contains too much protein, pay more attention to your diet and feed the hair from the inside. And much more! Effective in helping your hair to add protein from the outside!


The above checklist of hair tips will help you use shampoo effectively. Choose your hair care products wisely.In this sense, Toronto-based Nisim International has been interested in hair science for more than 20 years. They have an excellent range of hair care products that have been extensively tested and researched and have a positive effect on their hair. (See the resource table below)

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